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Newt Gingrich Wants 2 Abolish Child Labor Laws


This fool Newt Gingrich is crazy.Thes­e kids need to worry about their classes and grades at school,THA­T IS THEIR JOB.Think about it ,then they would go home and have to do chores plus schoolwork and deal with whatever is going on in the household.­Thats like a 12 hour shift for a kid.But Newt is the same guy that criminaliz­es poverty by proposing to “drop”peop­le that receieve assistance­,like they’re on parole.Why when crackheads get checks for disability would youu ever drop a normal person who’s experienci­ng hard times?Thes­e programs are not entitlemen­t,people work for their checks ad benefits,s­o what’s the issue?Well then NEWT let’s drop the whole Congress and test them for alcohol too…see who still has a job.GET REAL REPUBLICAN­S THESE ARE NOT REAL ISSUES STOP WASTING TIME! Get real…




Stand up for your rights and participate! Finally, the day has come for some political poetic justice. The special election to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is under way. The lifeline of the city is pulsating, throbbing in anticipation of what’s to come. If you voted for him last year, and are suffering from his scamming and other buffoonery, this is your chance to set things straight and take the first steps to get your life in order.

From his time as county executive Scott Walker has done nothing but dismantle the inner workings of Milwaukee County. Instead of actually taking pro-active, productive action, he’s always on some buls… mission to “reveal” something. Well let’s “reveal” a few facts about him. The reason why he dosen’t support education, is because he’s not educated. He does not have a college degree and neither do quite a few people on his payroll. He claims to support small businesses, but who? He does not believe in notifying constituents of changes in a timely manner. For example, he has changed the W2 clock to 24 months and has still not made a mass announcement to the recipients. Come January nobody knows what’s going to happen, not even the FEP workers that get paid to know. His programs don’t work. Not because they can’t, but because the facilitators are incompetent. If he cares about the future of  Wisconsin why refuse statewide wi-fi when job search is all about online research, profiles, and networks. Why reject wi-fi when there’s countless self-employment oppurtunities on the internet. Why not get a team together to explore legitimate online employment oppurtunities for people when traditional jobs are just not out there? Because he dosen’t care. He ‘s part of that “good ole’ boys network”, who’s just NOT with the times.

Scott Walker is racist. He does not understand that purposeful oppression cripples society as a whole. To surpress one group, is to create more social barriers which lead to financial barriers, causing a domino effect. Nobody wins. Now, this new recession is very color blind and poor non-minorities are feeling the weight of his bad decisions right along with the minorities. Where he thought he was keeping people of color oppressed, it backfired and trickled down to his poor white constituents.

The stripping of your collective bargaining rights were just a taste of the Republican wrath to come, it’s time to cut those pinnochio strings. Close your eyes, reach out and join hands with the person that’s going to stand beside you and fight. You may not know what color, or race they may be, but you know right now you’re in the same war. If you’re unemployed and have been looking for a job 6 months or more, recall him. For whatever reason, this Governor has it set up where if you don’t know him, you don’t get a job. So, if you don’t know Scott Walker, and he’s not in your pocket then recall him. If you want a job someday, recall him. If you believe in the future of this country; education, affirmative action, green energy, then recall him…stay tuned,MUAH aaand scene.

Let Me Introduce Myself:Urban Couture Life from


Let me introduce myself to the world before I begin to try to force my creative endeavors upon it. Hi, my name is Ebony Adell. I am a: woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, fashion designer, artist, published author, entrepreneur, and child of God. The best way to describe how I live my life is “as an act of worship-Ashley Judd”. I enjoy: food, dancing, spending time w/ my family, designing and creating, shopping, swimming, and sleeping. My design philosophy focuses on the re-implementation of traditional values in a value deficient society. The products visually communicate this  through the use of imagery, color pallette, design process, and structure.

I happily and proudly design and produce every custom made product, as well as designing every product on TSXDH Online@zazzle. The consumer objective is to provide customer intimacy, product leadership, exclusivity, and individuality. We emphasize cultural references within the design and that customer input within the process adds value to the products.

A few people have asked, "What is urban couture?" and "What is the urban couture life?" Well, let's get a clear understanding of what is not urban couture. Urban couture is not what everyone else is wearing that's for sure! It is custom-designed and custom-made urban wear. These pieces are very personal and should be a reflection of your personhood to the fullest. The limited edition ready to wear pieces are revered for their uniqueness. The focus in the styling aesthetic, and the body of the clothes. This results in tailoring becoming a major factor, increasing the quality level. These styles are more streamlined with bold detailing, without a cartoonish quality. Bright colorways are approached from a mature perspective resulting in eye catching prints, topstitching, color blocking, and walking billboard imagery. Every wearer walks the runway of life with a polished look.

The urban couture life is how you live to make your gains. It’s realness. Scrub toilets, pop-as., punch keys, baby-sit kids, rake leaves, shovel snow, flip burgers, milk cows, write articles, paint pictures, or dating for dinner; do what you gotta do. There’s no empathy here in this cold hard world. So there can really be no judgement. You don’t ever want to pick up a bag or pistol. No mom really wants to go out and turn a trick. But when the rent is due and your back is against the wall moral ground becomes shaky.

This life is when your kids are on the honor roll, even though you’re hosting a chatroom, or on the strip pole 5 nights a week to keep it kosher. It’s  a cocktail, and crying some days, trying to figure out how to make it. Taking that deep long breath of relief when you figure out your plan B; is one of those moments that makes things worthwhile though.  Partner that with the priveledge to be around to raise good productive children, and that’s worth 100 lap dances. I’m Katera Dinero click the link, see what I’ve seen.

Urban Couture Life from


K9 Couture:ZAZZLE2 DOG SHIRT from


You love your dog like your first born child. They like to be pampered and primped as much as the next man, so you can’t skimp on their threads either. Unreasonable prices for duds have caused you to shy away from keeping them looking fresh to death. It’s like, dress the kids, or your innocent sweet puppy who loves you forever? K9 Couture to the rescue, it’s a fashion emergency!

The holidays are here, why not have a little something under the tree for that special man’s best friend in your life. Why should they have to run around on Christmas morning sniffing empty boxes while everyone else opens gifts. Whether the dog’s missing that signature piece in their wardrobe arsenal, or just a young puppy getting their style game up, this LIMITED EDITION doggy t-shirt is the newest in K9 Couture at TSXDH. If your k-9 sees that stray next door with this shirt on she’s gonna look at you crazy like “I thought I was your bit..”.

Beyond New Style Where Fashion Is art In 3d.


Couture In The Kitchen-ZAZZLE2 APRONS from TSX Design House


In this life you play many roles before the final call. Urban lifestyles are over-extended with octopus arms, so you can multitask your way to success. Always at the top of your game; but work, family, and private life can all take a toll if you don’t take a minute to do you. Don’t try to act hard core, or like you’re too cute to throw down in the kitchen. Sexy chefs are the new chic and you’re the “top chef” in your circles. Respect your calling and cook away, just make sure you look good doing it

Everybody loves to eat. Cooking is your expression, your passion, but fashion is where your heart lies. Now that’s quite a dilemma, should you take the time to look good, or take the time to eat good? In reality that first reaction is probably putting your looks first, and it’s ok to feel like that. Sometimes it seems as if society would rather you be obsessed with what you put on the outside, instead of caring about what you put inside. Relax, it’s not so complicated. Why not pull double duty?

Gone are the days of moo-moos and grandma’s holiday apron in the kitchen. Designer moms, divas and homemakers everywhere are dressing  up while they whip something up. You’re a messy chef, so that favorite outfit has to be complimented with an apron to save it from those butter fingers. Get cuter before you get too full…ZAZZLE2 APRONS from