Couture In The Kitchen-ZAZZLE2 APRONS from TSX Design House

In this life you play many roles before the final call. Urban lifestyles are over-extended with octopus arms, so you can multitask your way to success. Always at the top of your game; but work, family, and private life can all take a toll if you don’t take a minute to do you. Don’t try to act hard core, or like you’re too cute to throw down in the kitchen. Sexy chefs are the new chic and you’re the “top chef” in your circles. Respect your calling and cook away, just make sure you look good doing it

Everybody loves to eat. Cooking is your expression, your passion, but fashion is where your heart lies. Now that’s quite a dilemma, should you take the time to look good, or take the time to eat good? In reality that first reaction is probably putting your looks first, and it’s ok to feel like that. Sometimes it seems as if society would rather you be obsessed with what you put on the outside, instead of caring about what you put inside. Relax, it’s not so complicated. Why not pull double duty?

Gone are the days of moo-moos and grandma’s holiday apron in the kitchen. Designer moms, divas and homemakers everywhere are dressing  up while they whip something up. You’re a messy chef, so that favorite outfit has to be complimented with an apron to save it from those butter fingers. Get cuter before you get too full…ZAZZLE2 APRONS from



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