Let Me Introduce Myself:Urban Couture Life from Zazzle.com

Let me introduce myself to the world before I begin to try to force my creative endeavors upon it. Hi, my name is Ebony Adell. I am a: woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, fashion designer, artist, published author, entrepreneur, and child of God. The best way to describe how I live my life is “as an act of worship-Ashley Judd”. I enjoy: food, dancing, spending time w/ my family, designing and creating, shopping, swimming, and sleeping. My design philosophy focuses on the re-implementation of traditional values in a value deficient society. The products visually communicate this  through the use of imagery, color pallette, design process, and structure.

I happily and proudly design and produce every custom made product, as well as designing every product on TSXDH Online@zazzle. The consumer objective is to provide customer intimacy, product leadership, exclusivity, and individuality. We emphasize cultural references within the design and that customer input within the process adds value to the products.

A few people have asked, "What is urban couture?" and "What is the urban couture life?" Well, let's get a clear understanding of what is not urban couture. Urban couture is not what everyone else is wearing that's for sure! It is custom-designed and custom-made urban wear. These pieces are very personal and should be a reflection of your personhood to the fullest. The limited edition ready to wear pieces are revered for their uniqueness. The focus in the styling aesthetic, and the body of the clothes. This results in tailoring becoming a major factor, increasing the quality level. These styles are more streamlined with bold detailing, without a cartoonish quality. Bright colorways are approached from a mature perspective resulting in eye catching prints, topstitching, color blocking, and walking billboard imagery. Every wearer walks the runway of life with a polished look.

The urban couture life is how you live to make your gains. It’s realness. Scrub toilets, pop-as., punch keys, baby-sit kids, rake leaves, shovel snow, flip burgers, milk cows, write articles, paint pictures, or dating for dinner; do what you gotta do. There’s no empathy here in this cold hard world. So there can really be no judgement. You don’t ever want to pick up a bag or pistol. No mom really wants to go out and turn a trick. But when the rent is due and your back is against the wall moral ground becomes shaky.

This life is when your kids are on the honor roll, even though you’re hosting a chatroom, or on the strip pole 5 nights a week to keep it kosher. It’s  a cocktail, and crying some days, trying to figure out how to make it. Taking that deep long breath of relief when you figure out your plan B; is one of those moments that makes things worthwhile though.  Partner that with the priveledge to be around to raise good productive children, and that’s worth 100 lap dances. I’m Katera Dinero click the link, see what I’ve seen.

Urban Couture Life from Zazzle.com.




6 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce Myself:Urban Couture Life from Zazzle.com”

  1. Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and
    tell you I truly enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can
    you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics?
    Thanks for your time!

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