Stand up for your rights and participate! Finally, the day has come for some political poetic justice. The special election to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is under way. The lifeline of the city is pulsating, throbbing in anticipation of what’s to come. If you voted for him last year, and are suffering from his scamming and other buffoonery, this is your chance to set things straight and take the first steps to get your life in order.

From his time as county executive Scott Walker has done nothing but dismantle the inner workings of Milwaukee County. Instead of actually taking pro-active, productive action, he’s always on some buls… mission to “reveal” something. Well let’s “reveal” a few facts about him. The reason why he dosen’t support education, is because he’s not educated. He does not have a college degree and neither do quite a few people on his payroll. He claims to support small businesses, but who? He does not believe in notifying constituents of changes in a timely manner. For example, he has changed the W2 clock to 24 months and has still not made a mass announcement to the recipients. Come January nobody knows what’s going to happen, not even the FEP workers that get paid to know. His programs don’t work. Not because they can’t, but because the facilitators are incompetent. If he cares about the future of  Wisconsin why refuse statewide wi-fi when job search is all about online research, profiles, and networks. Why reject wi-fi when there’s countless self-employment oppurtunities on the internet. Why not get a team together to explore legitimate online employment oppurtunities for people when traditional jobs are just not out there? Because he dosen’t care. He ‘s part of that “good ole’ boys network”, who’s just NOT with the times.

Scott Walker is racist. He does not understand that purposeful oppression cripples society as a whole. To surpress one group, is to create more social barriers which lead to financial barriers, causing a domino effect. Nobody wins. Now, this new recession is very color blind and poor non-minorities are feeling the weight of his bad decisions right along with the minorities. Where he thought he was keeping people of color oppressed, it backfired and trickled down to his poor white constituents.

The stripping of your collective bargaining rights were just a taste of the Republican wrath to come, it’s time to cut those pinnochio strings. Close your eyes, reach out and join hands with the person that’s going to stand beside you and fight. You may not know what color, or race they may be, but you know right now you’re in the same war. If you’re unemployed and have been looking for a job 6 months or more, recall him. For whatever reason, this Governor has it set up where if you don’t know him, you don’t get a job. So, if you don’t know Scott Walker, and he’s not in your pocket then recall him. If you want a job someday, recall him. If you believe in the future of this country; education, affirmative action, green energy, then recall him…stay tuned,MUAH aaand scene.


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