Vacationing is always a blast, but the prep time is always a drag. This year you’re considering Italy, the home of classic style and good food. Architecture, cuisine, music, and new friends await you on this adventure. Everybody always looks so well put together, no way can you go too casual. Whether business or pleasure nobody wants to look like an outsider. It’s better to blend in and do as the Romans do.

You definitely don’t want to look like a tourist, so stick to the basics. Black will always be the “new black” in a sense. It just never goes out of style in Italy. Not neccesarily a cultural thing, but you will notice alot of people in black all the time there. If that’s too dark for you, go with dark colors like navy blue, gray, and dark brown.A sultry,rich color pallette is a signature Italian style factor.

Italy is known for its tailoring. The quality of their garments is almost impossible to duplicate. Choose pieces that are tailored like fitted coats, jackets, and blazers. Your dark blue jeans should have the perfect fit in a sea of custom made clothes. Loose fitting or baggy styles are a fashion faux pas, so just don’t do it.




You want to look  smart,but sexy for your Gondola ride and trip to the Vatican. Stilettos and flat leather boots are a must. Fashionably beat the street while you’re on vacation! It gets cold so pack a wide selection of scarves, hats, and gloves to switch up your style since you may only have one coat. Remeber, stick with dark colors to blend in with the locals.







Don’t be shy about wearing fur. This is your chance to flex extravagant things like your fur coat. Pair that with velvet pants, velvet gloves, and a fitted sweater. An array of turtlenecks, tight pants, and ski boots/sneakers rule the slopes. The final touch is a “fresh face” make-up effect; and bring out the girl next door, playboy ski-bunny inside you!




Key Concepts

  • Italy in winter
  • packing for vacation
  • wardrobe for italy







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Last but not least Happy Holidays, stay tuned MUAH aaand scene.






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