2012: Evolution, Revolution

Face it, there is an underlying fear of change in the air. This year was full of  changes. The face of the planet changed, people changed their minds alot,  forced to change jobs, political parties, churches, husbands, and houses. The rate of change has been too rapid for some; epic and unforgiving as the megastorms which have become such the norm. It’s an element within the process of progress that can’t be avoided. If it is, the very “thing” you believe you’re saving by denying changes, eventually expires. It’s a part of evolution, adaptation for survival.

There’s no logical reason to believe that seeds planted from ideals or solutions from 50-1000 years ago will bear viable fruit here and now. And yes, core values and traditions strengthen the fabric of humanity, but the facilitators that reinterpret them get it twisted and dismember communities like tornadoes. But the evolution has been exasperating. It’s uplifting to see so many around the world become an agent of change and take action. People can’t think straight when they’re starving and denied basic human rights and necessities. They evolved from a supporter of their governments and leaders built on trust, to guerillas or civil revolutionaries. So you witnessed new governments emerge in countries whose constituents have existed in oppressive environments for 10 generations or more. Finally amassing enough strategy and power to take control of their futures and establish a new platform for the future…FREEDOM

So why do so many people believe it’s the end? Is it that we’re about to have a Black man running the most powerful country in the world for four more years? Because you know that scares some people,  even if they don’t ever speak it out loud. Is it the money crisis, global warming, nuclear war, famine, or terrorism? There are just too many scenarios to count.

To ease your mind a bit consider this; the old world may be over. A world of over-indulgence of material things, sex, food, and just personal gratification and selfishness. It’s a good thing that in this new 2012 people who have been living with a foot on their neck their whole life can try to build a new one without that pressure. It’s a new world when leaders that have ruled 20 plus years have fallen at the hands of those they have oppressed. It’s a new day when women all over the world are in major leadership roles and tackling global issues on every government level in the world.

There ‘s a bright future out there. You can’t let the negative static determine your train of thought. The doomdayers and naysayers make more money when there’s panic and unproductive chaos. The good news gets no press, to keep you feeling like there’s no hope out there. We’re evolving as a human race,  which feels like war to those grasping at the last straws of the “old”. As long as you make it a war of the minds, play the game to win with the right strategy, rooted in social justice and spiritual balance  you’ll end up with a productive, peaceful, loving society. Stop stifling the good changes. 2012, this Brave New World may be just what you’ve been waiting  for; the revolution is here and it’s going viral…stay tuned,MUAH aaand scene.

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