Black Hair Care: How To Grow Your Hair Out For 2012


Hair reflects how your body feels, from the inside out. Diet, lifestyle habits and healthy maintenance all contribute to it’s luciousness. You’ve been tying to grow your hair out, but first it has to get healthy and the length will come later. You can’t just eat candy and drink soda, and think everything’s going to be all good. It takes a whole routine to get it growing.

Step 1

Hydration is  medication for the body; AGUA!!! Drink lots of water. Your locks grow from the inside out, so a healthy diet plays a big part in the process. Add more protein like eggs, beans and yogurt to your regimen. When you cut back on caffeine and smoking, you really mean business.

Step 2

Introduce vitamins and herbs into your life. The following all contribute to hair growth: B, E, C, beta carotene, silica and nettle. To combat thinning and breakage try hair vitamins.

Step 3

Switch to a soap nut shampoo or all-natural homemade shampoo and add an egg to give it a protein boost. Condition your hair on a regular basis, adding plain yogurt for extra moisturization. Saturate it, you can never over-condition. Then find a leave-in conditioner you can use between shampoos. Use a hot oil treatment at least biweekly; moisture is the key to combatting dry, brittle hair.

Step 4

Go natural. Stay away from chemicals during the growth process. Keep the use of any heat on your hair to a minimum. If you have to curl, flat iron or blow dry, use protective styling products and rock roller sets.

Step 5

Get a trim one a month to keep your hair healthy and promote growth.

Supply List:
  • Vitamins B, E and C
  • Strengthening and restorative conditioner
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Yogurt
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Hot oil treatment
  • Leave-in conditioner
Just a thought:
  • Massage the scalp with flaxseed oil or vitamin E oil.
  • Pantene: Hair Growth Myths []
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9 thoughts on “Black Hair Care: How To Grow Your Hair Out For 2012”

  1. Very Informative, I’ve been learning about my 4c hair type and its care From what I’ve read people recommend that you don’t cut or trim this type of hair if you want it to grow. Is this true?

    1. No,you still have to trim your ends every six weeks, but alternate products to include something for split end repair and split end prevention. If your hair has any type of chemicals in it,it may seem a little drier than normal. god luck and feel free to ask more questions!

  2. Oooh, this is GREAT advice, and I am going to bookmark it. I stopped doing weaves et al about 2 years ago and went natural to improve my hair line. Sadly, I knew nada about how to maintain afro natural hair so I went to bed with cotton scarves, blow dried every day, put my hair up in a tight ponytail. Needless to say more of my hair fell out, even more than when I used to do weaves. I am still battling with it so tips like these are great!!

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