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DIY Urban Couture Accessories: TSXDH presents “The Signature Designer Clutch”


Fashion thrives off styles with no expiration date, and custom made clothes and accessories are timeless. You get to add a piece of your personality in every design, resulting in a more accurate self projection through personal style. Rep your personal brand at it’s best with an Urban Couture piece that says a thousand words without costing a thousand dollars.

Designer bags are your addiction. It’s not all about name brands, the quality and craftsmanship validates what’s on your arm. Defining characteristics can depend on trends, but the main components of a great bag are  functionality, that it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and well crafted with good quality materials. With champagne taste on a budget that’s killing you like $2.00 forty ounces; you can’t quite satisfy that subtle taste for the finer things.  Money for luxury indulgences is no longer a phone call, or come up away.

Think outside the box and get loose, try something new and different. Now, when the waiting list is up for that other really expensive bag, you know what to do to design your own that’s one of a kind..

Supplies and Tips:

  • Choose good soft leather and consult a specialist before you spend your money. Leather is unforgiving so once you sew through it it’s final.
  • Purchase quality thread that is specifically for leather, like embroidery or upholstery thread
  • Use a rolling cutter or exacto knife for precision lines
  • Condition and treat the leather first
  • Hammer
  • White marking chalk or pencil
  • Large piece of muslin or scrap fabric to use as an ironing cloth
  • consider drawing out your idea on tissue paper or tracing paper before you start stitching

The Pattern



Body(leather)-Following the direction of the backbone and spine of  the hide as the grainline, use a ruler and draw a 25X13 rectangle. Cut out the rectangle. Starting clockwise from the LH corner, mark 4 corners A,B,C,D. Cut out the body. Using the hammer, beat the leather to soften it and give it more body. Measure 12″ down from A and mark Ee, then measure 12″ down from B and mark Ff. After the beat down, set aside.

Lining -Draw a 25×13 rectangle and starting clockwise from the LH corner, mark 4 corners E,F,G,H. Measure 12″ down from E and mark Ii and measure 12″ down from F and mark Jj. Draw a straight line from Ii to Jj. Cut out the lining, press and set aside.

(Optional)Pocket- Cut a 12×12 square and starting clockwise from LH corner, mark 4 corners I,J,K,L. Cut out and set aside


Add all design details while the purse pattern pieces are flat:

straps, signature motifs on the lining or body, any signature elements, topstitching, embroidery, verbiage, paint, embellishments, rhinestones, studs and the pockets or compartments.*** Check your designs for balance


Attach pocket to lining:

1. Edge stitch pocket and fold K  up to J and L up to I, then press.

2. Using a straight stitch, sew 1/8 inch in from IL and JK. Then trim excess fabric.

3. Place pocket in desired place inside the  purse, preferable on or below the

Ii-Jj line; and pin into place, hand stitch in, then machine stitch.

Attach lining to body: 

1. Edge stitch the lining fabric and complete desired finishing on body

2. Using a ruler, measure 1/8 in from edge all the way around and mark a crease line.

3. Fold and press on the crease line, then straight stitch around the whole edge. Trim and grade the excess fabric.

4. Facing wrong sides together, lay the lining onto the inside body of the bag(match A-E, B-F ,C-G, D-H), secure and edge stitch lining to body( from E-F, F-G, G-H, H-E)

5. Add magnetic clasp or other desired closure.

Closing it up:

1. Fold corners C and D up to the Ee-Ff  and beat with a hammer.

2. Using a straigt or zig-zag stitch; sew down the side seams.

3. Fold the A and B Corners over to close.

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DIY Skincare: Homemade Facial Cleanser

Modifizierte Trocken-Vollmilch, angereichert m...

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The words milk and honey always bring good things to mind. You know they’re all natural tasty treats that contribute to your good health. Good skin was never on the list of things you expected these two to help out with. It’s as simple as a quickie facial scrub straight out of your cabinets.


Before there was a drugstore to buy your skincare must-haves, it was up to you to figure out a way to wash your face. Milk is a classic ingredient in the recipe for healthy skin. It has a dual effect and can be used as a cleanser while it soothes the skin. Honey traps the moisture in the, leaving a natural healthy glow.


A little bit goes a long way. One teaspoon of honey is more than enough to do the job. When partnered with a tablespoon of dehydrated or powdered milk, it creates a creamy cleanser.

Wash your face

Using a circular motion, apply the concoction to your face. Massage for 5-10 minutes and thoroughly rinse.


Pat your face dry. Apply a moisturizer that’s not oily. Drink lots of water to keep your complexion flawless. In order to maintain a fresh face repeat the process daily, drink lots of water, and exfoliate on a weekly basis.


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What To Wear: Personal Branding/Professional Portfolio Picture

Bill Gates in business-casual attire.

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Business portfolios are not just papers and projects. Pictures speak a thousand words and yours can determine whether or not you get the job of your dreams. You have the power to determine your next potential employer’s perception of who you are, by what you wear. Send the right message with a conservative look that can be read, universally across the board for your portfolio picture.

Choose a pair of dark blue jeans or khakis for your bottoms. The dark blue gives the denim a more conservative feel. Press and hang them up the night before.

Step 2

Choose a button down dress shirt or blouse, like an oxford or polo. Consider a pop of color to make your picture pop for the recruiters.

Step 3

Wear your favorite, lucky blazer in the picture. You’ll exhute confidence if you wear one of your fab favs.

Step 4

Choose a minimal hairdo. Consider a bun, bob, or another simple style that will represent your personality.

Step 5

Visualize somebody who’s already successful and draw from their sense of style. Add one signature element to your outfit that people will identify with your personal brand.

  • Choose primary colors, or pastels for your color palettes.
  • No chunky jewelry
    No visible piercings other than ears
    No heavy make-up
  • No tight clothes
  • Make sure your clothes fit correctly
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and free of snags etc. because that will all show up in a picture

REMEMBER…You can tweak these rules to fit your career choice. Those in artistic fields have a little more leeway than those in traditional jobs, just don’t wear anything that causes you to lose money or clients. Try to reflect where it is you’re trying to go in your career as opposed to where you are at the moment.

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