What To Wear: Personal Branding/Professional Portfolio Picture

Bill Gates in business-casual attire.
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Business portfolios are not just papers and projects. Pictures speak a thousand words and yours can determine whether or not you get the job of your dreams. You have the power to determine your next potential employer’s perception of who you are, by what you wear. Send the right message with a conservative look that can be read, universally across the board for your portfolio picture.

Choose a pair of dark blue jeans or khakis for your bottoms. The dark blue gives the denim a more conservative feel. Press and hang them up the night before.

Step 2

Choose a button down dress shirt or blouse, like an oxford or polo. Consider a pop of color to make your picture pop for the recruiters.

Step 3

Wear your favorite, lucky blazer in the picture. You’ll exhute confidence if you wear one of your fab favs.

Step 4

Choose a minimal hairdo. Consider a bun, bob, or another simple style that will represent your personality.

Step 5

Visualize somebody who’s already successful and draw from their sense of style. Add one signature element to your outfit that people will identify with your personal brand.

  • Choose primary colors, or pastels for your color palettes.
  • No chunky jewelry
    No visible piercings other than ears
    No heavy make-up
  • No tight clothes
  • Make sure your clothes fit correctly
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and free of snags etc. because that will all show up in a picture

REMEMBER…You can tweak these rules to fit your career choice. Those in artistic fields have a little more leeway than those in traditional jobs, just don’t wear anything that causes you to lose money or clients. Try to reflect where it is you’re trying to go in your career as opposed to where you are at the moment.

 Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene.

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