“Sx-Eyecon” ; An Intimate Experience in Erotic Art


As an artist, you’re always attempting to communicate a moment. Telling a story, singing a song, painting a picture, and designing  fashion collections actively tell the story of this life. Every object, silhouette, color palette, fabric and trim represent “something”. It has to in a sense, because otherwise the creative energy is wasted on meaningless clothes and pretty pictures.

The series “Sx-Eyecon” consists of three 4×6 matted(on Thai silk), and framed pieces that represent a metamorphosis from the concept of an alter ego, to the full transformation.

1. The black and white(1 of 3) is hand drawn, “the concept”.

2. The red and black(2 of 3) is life as it progresses and the new reality becomes more condensed.

3. The orange(3 of 3) is slightly more lifelike but the “real” image is fighting to break through.


http://www.zazzle.com/sx_eyecon_skateboard186874205340070700 http://www.zazzle.com/sxeyecon_poster-228064534483899225




For “Sx-Eyecon” and more merchandise visit http://www.zazzle.com/tsxdesignhouse

To read more about fashion and beauty read my articles on Tyra Banks‘ Typef.com @ http://www.typef.com/search/all/?q=Ebony+Adell…stay tuned,MUAH aaand scene



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