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Walk On The Wild Side



Short floaty skirt, 2005

Short floaty skirt, 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




New fashions are born as a sign of the times. Bohemian Chic is no exception to the rule, it’s a reflection of the economic state of the world. Boho fashion was originally associated with the wardrobe of struggling artists, writers, musicians and actors. Today, the style has transcended into the mainstream. When some trends go from the catwalk to the closet, they can get a little pricey. But you don’t have to worry about that, contrary to popular belief high quality doesn’t have to be expensive. These styles are totally affordable.


Take a break from the earthy, watered down tones of traditional boho and step over to the wild side. New trends offer a wide variety of boho inspired jewelry with an edgy modern twist. Organic shapes and natural elements compliment any look. If you prefer a pop of color try the salmon pink, teals, deep reds and jeweled purple tone jewelry. Choose from hoops, wooden bangles, metal bangles, chandelier earrings, colorful cuffs, cool ear hooks, and beaded pieces that easily can go from day to night. There are multi-string beaded necklaces in metallic tone colors that are lightweight, so feel free to pile on the bracelets without feeling weighed down. You can mix and match textures and patterns without looking overdone.


You will see the traditional volume, length, and eclectic patterns that were popular in the sixties. Boho fashion was made famous by offering a loose, relaxed, feminine silhouette; following a time in fashion history when clothing was tight and restricting. Peasant tops, tunics, long skirts, wide leg pants, and the popular maxi-dress will all be available for you to choose from. Beautiful embroidered detailing gives that high fashion feel without the high fashion price tag. You don’t have to look like a hippie to be on trend, new age pieces have a more polished apearance that compliment any wardrobe.



Love Yourself, Think Positive


It’s true when they say you can “speak” things into existence. A negative environment, and negative thoughts birth negative results. If you constantly talk about how sick and tired you are, you’ll physically feel sick and tired. When you constantly complain about how broke you are, your financial situation will never improve. So in retrospect, when you speak using positive connotations, it generally projects a positive outcome. Think about it, have you ever noticed when you go to work smiling and with a good mindset, the day goes smoother and faster? Even if it wasn’t the best day ever, you still go home with that same smile and attitude from that morning. It’s because you told yourself that morning you were going to have a good day no matter what,and you did. In addition, when your boss effectively communicates in a positive manner, you’re bound to be more productive.
Positive thinking clears the way for solutions and good energy to flow. Surrounding yourself with people who support your efforts, dreams, and ambitions is key to a successful, happy life. Stress and tension can take a toll on the body, leaving you feeling heavy or lethargic. Positive reinforcement has the opposite effect, it’s as if a weight has been lifted when someone reassures you everything will be alright. A large part of moving forward and becoming a progressive person, is allowing yourself to be moved and inspired by something bigger than yourself. You have to ask yourself, “Who or what inspires me?” Do your research, go online for the information or read a book for inspiration. On your bad days call, text, or go see that one person who always looks on the bright side of things. They will encourage you to put the bad instance behind you, point out the lessons learned, and offer a solution. That type of advice can take you from down in the dumps to riding high.

You know sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can hurt you too! It’s not that you need to get your ego stroked, but self-esteem is a delicate thing. When you constantly brow beat yourself, or allow others to tear you down with words ,there’s always a possibility of those actions leading to low self-esteem and even depression. Great thinkers and philosophers all agree that theses types of thoughts or behaviors are detriment to not just individuals, but whole cultures and communities. You just can’t give in to discriminatory, oppressive thought processes; it can literally drive you crazy.
Inspirational words aren’t always communicated in long, preachy speeches. Simple expressions like, “I love you”, telling someone they’re smart, telling your partner how beautiful they are inside, or a great person; can make their day better. There are millions of words to choose from, pick the ones to uplift somebody in your life. Tell a stranger to have a great day; you may be surprised how easy it is to have a large impact on somebody’s life. There’s an old saying that sums it up in one short phrase, “May the words you speak be soft and sweet because you may never know what words you have to eat.”