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Fashion 201: The Power Of The Pattern


It’s time for a new collection. But instead of freestyling, this time I’m going to update the patterns from my original collection, “The Power Of Womanism.” Interestingly enough, as I pulled out all my patterns, I found I had like a hundred of them. The catch was they all needed to be ironed, repaired with tape, and hung on hangers in my studio. It sounds like lots of work, and it is. But in order to execute a successful collection the patterns have to be perfect.

First I sorted the patterns by the “type” of garment. Bodice, pants, jacket, sleeve, dress, support garments, and miscellaneous parts. The ironing came next, and that took at least three hours. During the ironing process each pattern was repaired with tape and evaluated for precision. Only patterns that could be updated with the least amount of preparation would be used, what’s left gets filed away for the year.

My new collection started to come to me as I ironed, taped, and hung. Without effort, I could already visualize each piece, and how I was going to manipulate the patterns to create the new styles. The patterns were my foundation, my blueprints. Thank goodness I kept my full body of work because I had worked them over so much that more than seventy percent out of one hundred were usable. That fact alone will save me two or thee weeks in the production process.

Patterns are one of the most important tools a designer can have. Pattern making skills, are some of the most important skills a designer can have as well. Why? Because when you get to a point in your career when you begin to visualize your designs in 3d, while in it’s rawest one dimensional form(the flat patterning); you’re the real deal holifield. You’re a designer, you’re an artist. There’s no turning back…stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene.

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