2 Trends 2 Watch

The top two trends to watch this season are total fashion oxy-morons. They both are simple, yet so complicated.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is piping hot this season. But one wrong move, and you just look like you work on The Enterprise. It can tend to appear as if you’re wearing a uniform. The good thing is tat this technique gives the appearance of curves, and adds a tailored effect to most garments. Tailored clothes, always look more expensive, and you want posh swag. If the color blocking is built into the pattern of the garment it should fit like a glove.

Stay away from fabrics that are stiff. Check out some lycra blends, they provide a good fit for any body type. Fabric without body will just look cheap, but leather is probably the one exception to the rule. Fitted sleeves are ok, but limit thee long sleeves, especially if the piece as color blocking in the sleeves. You’ll find a variety that are basic black and one other color. Don’t be afraid to choose a style with two contrasting colors.

The Embellished Collar

The collar is a basic design element for any shirt or dress with a bodice. Rhinestones, pearls, beads, and metal studs made some major noise this year. Gracing the catwalks during fashion week, and on racks at every major department store. But you know, this type of style can sometimes be two rhinestones away from looking totally gaudy.

Don’t buy anything with cheap design elements( rhinestones etc.). The focal point of your outfit will be the collar. The embellishments highlight that area, people’s eyes will be drawn straight to it. It will make a $300 dress look like a $30 dress. But good quality rhinestones have the power to make a $30 dress look like a $300 dress. It just adds an air of quality.

So good luck, if you rock either one of these trends this holiday season just stick to the rules and you’ll survive…Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene




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