Barack Obama The 45th President Of The United States

I’m a MFN’ Dem with an attitude  

Don’t sleep on this moment. The re-election of Barack Obama speaks to the progress America has achieved. On a large scale, we are moving towards a post racial co-existence. The people have spoken, race was not a major issues this election. That racial bull…. seems petty when hunger and strife see no color, it’s purely economic. Every country in the world is struggling with the same issues; hunger and economy. Wars are destroying countries, populations, and dreams. People are tired of the real issues getting pushed to the back burner, while the pettiness gets the center floor. Obama has already addressed and overcome those petty but systematic issues and successfully prevailed. He’s a problem solver by nature and analytical thinker by trade, and he’s the president, again. Taking African Americans from the slave house to the White House in record time.

You were able to see through all the smoke, mirrors, and poppycock; and take action. You won’t be fooled anymore. Especially in Wisconsin, where so many regretted going against their gut feeling and voting for Scott Walker for governor. This time Wisconsin didn’t take any chances, they did the smart thing.

Republicans tried to candy coat their intentions, and deflect what was really going on by attempting to turn the wealthy against the other 47%(lol). They tried to buy your vote with empty promises and fiscal plans made of swiss cheese(full of holes). Bombarded you with repetitive, robotic speeches full of deceptive keywords by a stepford husband. But you didn’t fall for the trickery. Seriously though, did the GOP really think that in the aftermath of one of the most expensive, extensive natural disasters in history, when millions of people across many states are homeless due to Superstorm Sandy, did you really think they would vote for the party that blatantly states they plan to cut aid programs? Food stamps they may need to eat, housing programs they may need to live, or FEMA assistance they may need to rebuild.

The race was close, so don’t get too relaxed. You have to stand on Congress’ azz to cooperate, put the people ahead of their own selfish motives. We have Obama for four more years, let’s work together to pull each other the rest of the way out of this…hole. Let’s reject that GOP crab mentality that aims to push you back down in it, with no remorse. What will you do in those four years, while the leader of the free world is in your corner? Today, I am so proud to be an American. His presidency is destiny, it’s poetry, it’s affirmation for any oppressed person in this whole wide world.  Now is your time….stay tuned,MUAH aaand scene.


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