Diary Of A Fashion Designer: #WWD Magic Market Week 2013 Day 1(morning session)

TSX Design House is embarking on a weeklong journey on the fashion frontier. I’m here at WWDMagic and I’m so excited. Fashion at its fullest! All the movers and shakers in the industry are here, including me and I am determined to rub elbows and leave my mark. This is only the beginning of my journey to the luxury brand catwalk, and I am beyond ready. This week will put me up on the latest trends, e-commerce solutions, as well as branding and licensing information.

What will I gain from this experience? Hopefully some clarity for the direction of my brand, marketing solutions, and networking oppurtunities. I’m trying to learn how to make money within my craft, and here I can gain some international perspective on the apparel frontline. What sells, and what bombs out? I am hungry for knowlege, and I have an appetite to win! Gotta go, time for my first seminar, and then I’ll walk the floor! MUAH, stay tuned aaand scene…#urbancouturelife


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Ebony is a writer, fashion designer, artist, substitute teacher, and mother of 3. She has over 150 published pieces of content on the web in the following categories: fashion, business, technology, and art. Adell graduated from Mount Mary University with a Bachelor Of Arts in Apparel Product Development in 2008.

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