Diary Of A Fashion Designer: I Need Money

samnotepics1 031You can’t get this close to fulfilling a dream and let a small issue like finances stand in your way. I know I can’t and I won’t. I’m at the point where I need more money coming in, to move forward, and fund things like extensive marketing, fashion shows, hiring an assistant, and travel. So I’ve been looking for another, yes I said another(because I already have two), J-O-B. This is the part I hate, but I’m a hustler. And a true hustler will work a job they hate, to achieve that ultimate bottom line.

While I’ve been searching for another supplemental income, it made me wonder about other people, and why they work at jobs that they hate. It’s funny because sometimes people will excel in a position, make lots of money, and be as miserable as the person that makes the least amount of money and never moves up. It surprised me how many people I know right now, with six figures or more, that wish they worked somewhere else doing something else everyday. My dream is what moves me to even consider doing sales, or waitressing third shift. But I asked people, “What moves and motivates you to go to work everyday?” and this is what it all came down to:
1. Necessity
The number one reason people stay in jobs they hate is necessity. You have bills, a home, children; basically a life you are financially responsible  for maintaining. The dreaded Monday morning is overshadowed by payday.
2. Education and Training Limitations
Your training, experience, or degree may no longer be your passion. Fields like nursing and technology are exploding; but you don’t want to go back to school.
3. Fear
Some people are just scared to do an additional job search. There’s fear of ridicule from their peers, fear of failure, and fear of financial collapse.
4. Don’t Know What Else To Do
Maybe you don’t know what else to do. If you’ve been at the same company for ten or twenty years, how do you decide to move on? Where do you go, what do you do? You have to have a “realistic understanding of who you are, and what you want/can do.”
5. Comfort
You may be so comfortable in your current space, that you don’t want to leave. Even though you hate it, everything runs like clockwork, and that’s how you like it. You don’t mind trading happiness for stability.
6. Loyalty
Your boss may have given you an advance in a time of need, vacations, or even a big raise. People don’t want to seem disloyal by leaving a company where they have good relationships and good standing. They don’t want to feel as if they’ve left the boss that’s been there for them, “in a lurch.”
7. Benefits and Incentives
Sometimes the benefits and incentives in a position seem too good to give up.

  8. Thought It Was What You Wanted
When  you started, you thought it was the job you wanted long term. After a few years you realized that type of work was not for you, and you felt stuck.
9. Personality

Your personality may prevent you from branching out and chasing a dream because you don’t think outside the box.

10. Your Dream

You have to work the job you hate to finance the job you want…

And there it is, sometimes you have to do a little grunt work to get what you want. The experience, working outside my personal and entrepreneurial element: will make me a better businesswoman, boss, mother, and person. But I honestly hope I won’t have to do this for long…I’m not quite that patient.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene………..#urbancouturelife

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