Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Developing A Marketing Strategy;Something New

ZAZZLE2Now that I a sort of have the clothes under control, I have to seriously consider how I’m going to market this thing. If I tank on the promotion and advertising, I won’t make any money. There are about five different aspects to my marketing strategy, but we’ll address something that’s new to me, and may be new to you; variable data printing.

Marketing a business can be expensive and complicated. Especially if you do alot of advertising using a traditional mailing system. It’s difficult to decide what imagery to use and what message you want to include. However, variable data printing offers an all around solution by allowing you to customize information and imagery all in one print job, all you have to do is enter the data into the program. The system even prints individual customer names and addresses on each document. The key to marketing materials that work for you, is in the design. So here are five tips to help you design your promotional marketing materials.
1. Text
Consider choosing a universal font for your project. Make sure the size of the font is appropriate for the size of the mailer. It has to easy to read in order to be effective. Sometimes those fancy fonts distract from the overall message of the materials, and they may be difficult to read. Your document should catch the customer’s eye while they are flipping through their mail. If the print is all curvy, or too small, consumers may pass it right up or toss it in the junk mail pile.

2. Color
Aside from your logo design, limit the colors to four at the most. Stick to four colors that are common amongst all your marketing channels so it relates to your branding. You may want to divide the targeted group by age or gender and create two different documents that appeal to those markets. Too many colors distract the eye and take away from the message.
3. Imagery
Imagery should be relevant to your brand. You want to create something that relates to your customers, in a visual language they can understand. Use clear, high resolution; and clean, modern lines/shapes. The imagery speaks to your brand. Divide your targeted mailing list into two or three groups by interest, and create two or three versions of the imagery to input. As you review the list, consider grouping customers by previous purchases. Then you can add imagery of current versions of those products, or products that are related to those previous purchases.
4. Brand Message   The brand message and call to action has to be front and center. Any relevant information should be highlighted along with the contact information. You want to keep it cohesive across all marketing channels so repeat customers can instantly recognize. Stress to the customer what value you bring into their life.
5. Headline
Simplicity is a rule of thumb. Keep your headline simple and to the point. Anything too wordy gives the customer time to lose focus and toss your mailer to the side. People love free stuff, and they love to win things. So consider offering a promotional contest or giveaway to get their attention.
Assess your market by your targeted mailing list. If you want to create more customized designs for your materials, limit it to three or four designs. They should appeal to those customers, and offer a solution to fulfill a need. Overall, variable data printing is more simple than it sounds, cost effective, and more effective than traditional printing.


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