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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Confidence & Endurance


06show      Stay cool. That’s what I have to keep telling myself, as I continue on this journey. I’ve been praying a lot lately, needing some guidance other than a few words of advice, or a hundred results from a Google search. Some days I feel like I’m so close to making it. The other days it seems as if I’m just going through the motions, spinning. A better way to describe the feeling is frantically scrambling through an endless tunnel with no end in sight. But I know that for truly successful people, ones that make an impact in their field, and in this world; the grinding never stops.

1. Believe In Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will. Confidence is what attracts buyers, consumers, partners, investors, and customers. Nobody buys products that are promoted  by a spokesperson that says “This product might work, I’m not sure it’s that great.” So you have to walk, talk, eat, breathe and represent your brand identity, at all times, like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Think back to what your original vision encompasses, identify and appreciate what has gotten you this far. Those same principles can carry you until the end.

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure

Don’t be afraid of failure. Scientists perform experiments hundreds of times before they figure out what works. Those aren’t considered failures, it’s all trial and error. What you may consider a failure, may actually save you from moving forward with something that never would have worked in the first place.

3. Go Back To Square One

When something doesn’t work, you should always go back and refer to a point in the process that worked, and review the steps you took. Take those same steps again, you should get the same results.

4. Remember Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

The mighty republic of Rome was not built in a day. It took a lot of trial and error for them to become one of the most powerful empires in the world. Your empire can’t be built in one day either. My dream can’t be realized in one day, it’s too big, too major to be shortchanged because I’m trying to rush it. Every move has to be strategic, every step productive, and every risk calculated.

5. Work Hard, Play Hard 

Take a break to clear your mind. Find an outlet when you feel overwhelmed. I like naps, baking, chilling with my kids, spending time with my boyfriend, and going out once in awhile to break it down to the ground(that’s dancing). I work hard, so I try to play hard when I can. When I get back to work my mind is clear enough for me to receive and create the next project.

Doubt is not meant to throw you off your square. It’s suppose to help you re-affirm your belief. One can’t exist without the other. So you can’t get scared off when the road gets rough, you have to stay focused on what brought you to this point. Winners don’t move forward driving backwards, they just check that rearview mirror every now and then. Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene.

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Time To Tee Off; The Evolution Of Women’s Golf Wear

English: Zakiya Randall Golf Sensation on the Tee.

English: Zakiya Randall Golf Sensation on the Tee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The game of golf is all about status and golfers typically dress to impress on the green. A woman’s perfect golf wardrobe should flatter and accentuate. The basics are: sweater/light jacket, golf gloves, hat, polo shirt, and shorts. But that’s boring, add some excitement to any outing with the right digs.

Tradition vs. Femininity

Women’s golf wear use to just be a shadow of the men’s wear. It was stuck somewhere between tradition and practicality. But the new styles have found a balance so that some fun, flirty, femininity could get squeezed in there. Old school long shorts and culottes have been replaced by sexy skorts and dresses. Don’t worry, it’s not so off the charts that the clothes break the rules at the country club. Now every lady golfer can bring some of her personal style to the game, and she can easily transition from teeing off to cocktail hour.

Golf is played outside, so the elements have to be taken into consideration when choosing something to put on. The clothes should preferably be made out of a performance fabric that can handle the sweat and breathe. Regular polo shirts, shorts and sweaters just won’t suffice. Seasoned players always wear official golf attire, and if the outing is for networking purposes a smart attendee will follow suit.

A traditional short sleeved collared polo shirt is the standard at most golf courses. By popular demand, modern trends have forced them to add v-necks, sleeveless polos, scoop neck tanks, and mock turtle necks to the list of approved attire. Instead of a traditional sweater, the ladies can also wear swing cardigans.

Old school culottes are still around, but the modernized version is the sexy skort. Short enough to be fun and flirty, but long enough not to break the rules. The skorts have to be at least two inches above the knee so if one takes a hard swing, she’ll still be covered when her skort rides up. The fit can’t be too tight either, for mobility.

The dresses are the best. These days it’s hard to tell it’s performance wear because they’re so cute. The latest trends are tunic styles with some different collar options. Of course the polo collar is available, but now there’s also: peter pan collars, ruffle collars, and the mock turtle neck. The new necklines include scoop neck and v-neck. The dress can be a perfect outfit all by itself.
Luckily, women’s styles have expanded their color spectrum. Although all the usual colors are available, black, white, navy blue etc. There a broad selection of bold and bright choices. Hot pink, coral, bright yellow, cobalt blue, and chocolate are just a few variations of the color palette. There’s something for every woman’s taste.
The days are gone when there was just argyle, and plaid attire for the ladies. Youthful mod patterns, color blocking, organic prints, motifs from nature like animal print(leopard ,cheetah), butterfly print, mosaic zig-zag, polka dots, and cool abstract adaptations have been added to the mix.
At one time, golf was considered a man’s game, and the clothes reflected that ideology. There’s a variety of options, now any woman can go stroke with confidence. Chic, edgy styles can easily fit in, while functioning like the same old shorts and polo shirt. The lady golfer wants to look good on the green, so when she yells “FORE” and makes a hole in one, it will the catch the guys off guard. They were so distracted by her golf swag, they didn’t pay attention to her killer golf swing.