Diary Of A Fashion Designer: My Zazzle Store

So world there’s been a change of plans. I had to take a step back, evaluate my position, re- think my strategy and re-structure my game plan. Losing my investor has caused financial strain. I have to figure out how to grow my brand, expand inventory, and increase sales; while maintaining a small budget, and low overhead costs. The first production run is going to have to be done in house by hand. That changes the production calendar, silhouettes, colors, fabrics, and basically the whole plan. I have to shift my focus.

That’s where my online store on Zazzle.com/TSXDesignHouse comes into play.

Zazzle.com allows me to offer mass customized products,  while keeping the integrity of my design philosophy and staying true to the TSXDH brand. The benefits of zazzle are:

1. They produce all of the products you create at no extra cost.

2. I control the price structure, including the special offers.

3. I offer niche products like:

Eco-friendly t-shirts

Products Made In The USA

Art on Canvas

4. All I do is create, promote, and sell while zazzle does the rest

Below is a detailed description of what’s in the store right now:

Women’s Alternative Apparel Eco-Blend T-Shirt

Harken back to middle school P.E. with the Alternative Apparel eco-blend t-shirt. Made with recycled polyester, organic cotton, and Rayon, this shirt has that classic heather look and softness of a vintage shirt. Please note: This shirt is fitted. For a more relaxed fit, order one size larger.

  1. 3rd World

Inspired by a youth in revolt within all oppressed cultures and people of the world. 3 rd world is a reference to this new generation

Ladies Organic T-Shirt (Fitted)

The all-organic cotton ladies’ t-shirt. 100% organic, fine jersey cotton combed for comfort. Custom contour fit. NOTE: Sizes run small. Order 1 size larger for looser fit. Made in the USA by American Apparel

  1. 1.      SWEETS-Cake   

organic t-shirt from the “SWEETS” collection 2-cupcakes 2 ice cream

MOVE t-shirt by TSX Design House

Inspired by the struggle of all oppressed people. Liberation Fashion….

Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag

A powerhouse of versatility, the Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag is perfect as a workday commuter, overnight attaché, or travel bag.  Vibrantly printed with your custom artwork or text on rugged polyester and designed with a interchangeable accessories system, this bag is as customizable inside as it is outside. Carefully constructed with a focus on environmental sustainability, this bag combines form, function, and a small ecological footprint.

  • Water resistant, extra durable (machine-washable).
  • Large main compartment and 2 front pockets.
  • Lightweight and forms to your body.
  • Quick-adjust cam shoulder strap.
  • Velcro strips accessory system; Holds a 13” laptop (w/optional sleeve).
  • Made with a sustainability focus in San Francisco, CA.
  • Dimensions 11″ H x 18″ W x 6″ D.

move_t_shirt_by_tsx_design_house-rb3ea3ffe215f43848aa3ae0d43376d13_vjxjq_540 sxeyecon_signature_bag_commuter_bags-rf84b9f08acf64d1ead9aac35abd760f0_2iov4_8byvr_216 tsxdh_balance_signature_bag_courier_bags-r1d0d31a34b1a45f68899b0e7fb146c23_2ioob_8byvr_540 urban_couture_life_signature_bag_2012_messenger_bag-r493b89f8f0904510b98a0150a6634609_20vls_8byvr_216


So here we go, I can only give it all I’ve got and watch the cash roll in; sewing and painting everyday….stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene.

TSX Design House “Beyond New Style Where Fashion Is Art In 3d”


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