Diary Of A Fashion Designer: “B.Y.E. BYE” Bless Your Enemies

Women 4 Obama 2012 Note to self: haters are everywhere. You never know who’s lurking around, who’s sole purpose in life is to F-up other people’s lives. Sometimes the closest ones to you, are the biggest culprits guilty of haterism. But sadly it seems to be the norm. It’s hard for people to watch you chase your dreams, and catch up to your destiny; when they sit back and watch life sashay past them. But you can’t get caught up in all the BS. It serves as a distraction from what you really need to be focusing on at that moment.

The solution to that problem is to dismiss the haters from the immediate vicinity. It’s the approach that’s tricky. 

1. Don’t get mad

You getting upset about some mess your sister, co-worker, or “friend” has said or done. The anger doesn’t serve a purpose, it’s just a waste of energy and time. Those types of emotions stress you out, and the negativity will throw you off your square.

2. Don’t allow the haters around when you’re working

Negative energy pollutes your aura, keep it out of your work environment. You want your Chalras balanced when you’re pursuing your dreams.

3. B.Y.E. Bless Your Enemies  

The Bible says “bless your enemies”, so roll with that. Forgive them when they mistreat you, feed them when they’re hungry, and pray for those that persecute you. It will put you at ease and align your way of thinking with a higher power.

When you’re doing something big, on the verge of some kind of breakthrough, the road always gets the rockiest that it’s ever been. But if you want to win, you have to stay the course. It’s not an option, you have to view the future in a state of “tunnel-vision”, and keep your eyes on the prize. When you’re doing the right thing, the pieces gradually fall into place…..

Stay Tuned, MUAH Aaaaaaaaaand SCENE….

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