Diary Of A Fashion Designer: What’s Your Story?

Snapshot_20131007_34My Urban Couture Life has been good to me. Things are moving forward and I had some radio interviews over the last few months. The process you go through to prepare for the guest spots is much more complicated than I thought it was going to be.

Some of the questions were very personal, the pace was brutal; and no matter how much I prepared I never felt quite ready. Don’t get me wrong I’m confident in my expertise and I fully stand behind my brand image. Yet I kept getting tripped up when the show host asked me what’s the “story” behind TSX Design House. Anyone who listened couldn’t tell I was nervous, I didn’t give myself away. Also, those that reached out to me afterwards, said they had a clearer idea of what my vision is and where I’m going with my business. They could finally see it, the light came on and they got it.

I tried on a few different “hats” before I committed to fashion, but I’ve always been into fashion. Every year, my mother would take me to the EBONY Fashion Fair fashion show. I was exposed to an international perspective of fashion through a black lens, and this shaped me forever. I was too short to be a model so I started to try to make my own clothes. I sewed everything by hand but nothing ever fit right so I moved on to the next endeavor. I decided I wanted to be a writer, ballerina or a hip hop artist.

Ballet didn’t work for me, but I continued to write and dance. I tried the music business for a few years and had some minor success as a rapper, but that didn’t work either. Now I’m the type of person that always takes it to that next level with everything I do. I research, excel, dominate, control, go big and get the money. So when that didn’t happen with the music, I had to figure out why.

After thinking about it long and hard I knew exactly what the problem was. I needed to invest my time in something that I could control. All the elements that are put into a successful profitable music project, were being determined by someone other than me. I had no control over the success of the song, because I could only write the lyrics. I had no knowledge of the business of music, or the technological side of the industry; so I was at a handicap.  I didn’t have a studio, know how to run the software or make beats. I had minimal knowledge of entertainment law, marketing, or budgets. I was at the mercy of managers, producers, and members of my clique whose projects were always put before mine. At one point, I was about to lose control of my rap lyrics. If I signed a new contract, I would be signing away my creative rights, and that’s all I really had left. In the end I had to let the music go, and turned back to fashion.

I’m a multi-genre artist. I write, draw, and sew. But to me it’s all the same. Music is oral communication, writing is written communication; while art/fashion/dance is all visual communication. I’m telling a story. I chose to commit to fashion because I could acquire all the knowledge, equipment, technology, and supplies I needed to try to make it on my own. No manager, production team or clique was needed. I would just have to do it all in the beginning, be a one woman show, to get my feet wet.  It was something I could dive into and immerse myself in, and stay true to my artistic roots. No other endeavor that I’ve undertaken has ever moved me the way fashion does. My vision has never been this clear, about where I’m going to take things; and how. That’s how I know this is it…stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene.

TSX Design House “Beyond New Style Where Fashion Is art In 3d”




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