Diary Of A Fashion Designer: You Are A #Brand

nab-1.jpgYou only have seven short seconds to make a first impression. No matter who you’re trying to be, the outside world only takes a quick glance at your profile picture before they decide,”who you are and what you represent.” The power is in your hands to take control of the image that’s conveyed to the rest of the world and establish the value of your identity.

Think of it like this, if a billionaire was on Facebook browsing profiles right now looking for new investments and he saw your picture, how much do you look like your brand is worth? If they walked up on you right now and judged the price of your company based on the way you look, what would be their offer? Are you looking like a million bucks, or do you look like you ball out at Wal-Mart? Now, calm down there’s nothing wrong with Wal-Mart, a person can look good no matter where their clothes come from. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. What I mean is are your clothes clean? Are you neat? Is your hair cut, weave in place; ladies is your wig straight? Shoes not scruffy and ragged? Guys are you clean or neatly shaven? Teeth brushed? Smelling good?

Is your conversation together? Are you familiar with the latest trends, vocabulary, and news within your industry.  Your words don’t have to be a hard sell, but an easy seller’s pitch with a subliminal yet straight forward main idea. Every small business has to nurture itself like a fortune 500 company if you want to get corporation style cash. You have to look like the idea that you are trying to sell to your customers. If you’re attempting to enter a luxury market you must exude luxury style.

What it boils down to is this; you are judged by your looks. After gender, race, and age, the next stage of judgement is your apearance.Your appearance message has to be clear and concise, it has to make sense to the onlooker. If you have the appearance of cheap trash, don’t expect to attract high-end customers. You should always look like new money. Everybody has their bad days, but you have to treat your days like an ongoing marketing campaign. You are a brand. You’re the main asset of the company and you are the product. As we transition to an almost completely digital world of communication, you may never have a face to face interaction with a colleague or customer. You’ve only got one shot to sell your image to the consumer, and you want them to instantly think “CEO”. Give the impression you’re in the boardroom even if you’re still in the mail room.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene…

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