Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Social Media Strategy-The Power Of YouTube

zazzleposter1self love copy    Video marketing is the next level of advertising in an era where communication has become more visual, and less verbal. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. all have a platform that allows you to upgrade posts and pictures into full scale mini-commercials. People may not recall details about your brand they’ve read in a magazine, but they’ll remember the themes and scenes from  a video. It’s all about what you do in those first ten seconds the viewer is watching.

There’s an art to film. Cinematography, music, and acting ability play an integral part in video advertising. You have to grab the viewers attention and keep them engaged with your content. Entertain them, inform them with your message, and initiate a call to action. Video ad marketing isn’t just a hot marketing trend, some of the biggest brands in the world are taking the lead.

1. Samsung

Founded over 70 years ago, Samsung has a proven track record of product excellence and innovation in electronics. Rated as one of the top 10 global brands in the world, their mantra is, “Inspire the World, Create the Future.”  “Galaxy 11 The Training” is the introduction to a 3 part series of video marketing ads that introduce new products and apps. It tells the story of how Samsung products will be used to help shape the future and demonstrates all the new technologies they’ve pioneered.


  • Entertain
  • Give your products a life with an extended storyline. This builds loyalty with the customer, enticing them to come back for more. Create content that makes them want to know what happens next.
  • Tap into current global events and trends like FIFA World Cup.
  • Give it a happy ending
  • Feature the benefits of your product or service.

2. Nike

Established in 1950, Nike has grown from just footwear for athletes to shoes, clothes, equipment, and accessories for everyone. Their mantra is “Commitment to Innovation.” They’ve pioneered “shoe shox,” and the “retail theater” experience.” One of their newest campaigns “Risk Everything is set up like a preview for a movie. The movie they want you to see is the 2014 FIFA World Cup. They show how far these world famous soccer athletes have come, and where they are going; leaving their home countries for the games. This ad has built up the anticipation for their official jerseys and shoes from World Cup.


  • Build anticipation
  • Keep it short if you can, people have short attention spans
  • Demonstrate to people how they can participate in your brand
  • Nike shows how their products can make better athletes, demonstrate the benefits of your product to the customer
  • Tell a story the customer can relate to
  • Entertain

3. Adidas

Adidas has been around over 100 years. They started out as a company that was on a mission to provide the best athletic equipment to athletes. Today they’re one of the top athletics companies in the world. “The Battle Pack” is their video ad for a series of shoes inspired by FIFA World Cup. This ad uses art, sculpture and history to portray the idea that their shoes are like timeless works of art. It captures a moment when a battle’s is being won.


  • Make a connection between your content/product and the viewer’s values
  • Demonstrate what difference your product makes in the viewer’s lives
  • Don’t use actors, get creative

4. Dove

Dove revolutionized skin care for women in 1957. Starting with the beauty bar, they’ve expanded they’re product line to hair care and other products.The “Real Beauty” ad campaign appeals to women and men(there is a men’s version). It’s a simple testimonial/interview/documentary style video that focuses on natural beauty. Dove plays with the idea their products will enhance the natural beauty of the  viewer.


  • Use customer testimonials
  • Appeal to people’s empathy
  • Create a story line that can be carried into the next ad

5. Google

Google was launched in 1995, and it is the #1 search engine in the world. The name “Google” is a numerical term the founders chose to represent their mission to provide the web with an infinite amount of information.  They have been acquiring companies like YouTube and Picasa to extend their reach. Their innovation is unfiltered and uncontested. Google Play: “Play Your Heart Out” is a 30 second video ad that launches their new logo. This strategy is rooted in simplicity. Everything’s centered, fast, but very clear. Each flash of the logo contains a clip of what’s available on Google Play; music, movies, books and games.


  • K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. You can keep your ad simple as long as it gets to the point
  • provide clear images your audience can relate to and are familiar with
  • demonstrate the benefits of your product or service
  • show examples
  • Try not to offend customers in “potential” markets

Stay true to your brand messaging and values across all media channels. It’s ok to think outside the box but don’t create content that people can’t connect to the brand. Entertain, inspire, engage, and inform the masses like no typical ad can with a solid video marketing strategy.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene…

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