Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Going Into The Future: The New Plan

nab-1.jpgLife happens, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not to let it make you or break you. You watch perfectly laid plans fall diligently through the cracks as you scramble to save all that you’ve worked so hard for. One day, one moment in time can either derail your dreams, or cause you to reroute your plans. You have to take the initiative to choose to redesign your destiny, gain control of that moment and take decisive actions to create the future you rightly deserve. The other option is just to lay down and die. So how does a person still manage to reach those aspirations, in the face of struggle, strife, and in the midst of adverse situations? You have to create a new plan.

  1. Redefine and reset your goals

The goals you set two years ago may not be attainable in your present situation. But that’s ok, it’s nothing to be upset, guilty, or angry about. Successful entrepreneurs are never afraid to adjust their plans to achieve whatever they set out to achieve; and this is not the equivocal of failure. Many scientists billionaires, fortune five hundred companies and business people have had to push back product debuts and release dates for many reasons. Finances, change of circumstances, market adjustments, changed partnerships, trends etc. are all very valid reasons to scrap your old plan and make a new one. You only have one shot to make your first impression so you owe it to yourself to make that debut stellar.

Be realistic when you set up the new timetable. The worst thing you can do is create goals based on a pipe dream and not cold hard facts. In Dr. Phil’s bestselling book “LifeCode” he basically says you can’t base major life decisions on potential, you have to use cold hard facts and results. So treat your new plan like it’s life or death.

    2.   Reevaluate your knowledge base and skill set

Research the most updated information, statistics and trends in your field. You want to develop a new strategy based on real world numbers, and trend projections. You may need to add a new skill to your skill set to achieve your goals so be open to classes and certifications through MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses @ http://www.mooc-list.com) to keep yourself updated and on point. Check the customer and market projections to see what the trends are to make sure you’re headed in the right direction just in case you need to tweak you product or service to maximize its potential.

     3.   Create a new action plan

Once you’ve compiled all the information and set new goals it’s time to set your strategy in stone. Nothing is better than laying your plans out in writing where you can see them. Set long and short term goals with hard dates, a marketing schedule, product development plan, budget,profit projections, and fundraising/sponsorship development. then think through and write down the actions you have to take to achieve them step by step. Include the steps you have to take in your personal life to get there too. You may have to take a step back from friends and family, maybe even a break from a relationship; but its important that you stay focused and remember the long term payoff for your career and your family. Another thing to keep in mind is your past successes and failures. If you’ve done test runs in marketing, product development, or anything else; you need to evaluate the results. Those experiences hold valuable information you van use moving forward.

Stay true to the personality of your brand, stay consistent with your brand message, and NEVER compromise your character. Because your personal brand is  a direct representative of your professional brand. You’re the main spokesperson for your product before all others. Make sure your social media, imagery, and lifestyle reflect your brand at all times. You never know what type of curveballs life will throw you, but you can never stop stepping up to the plate.

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Ebony is a writer, fashion designer, artist, substitute teacher, and mother of 3. She has over 150 published pieces of content on the web in the following categories: fashion, business, technology, and art. Adell graduated from Mount Mary University with a Bachelor Of Arts in Apparel Product Development in 2008.

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