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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: #2017ProductionPlan #Work

Diary Of A Fashion Designer: #2017ProductionPlan #Work

When you say you want to have it all, what does that mean? Urban Couture Life has touched on the subject of having it all before but today I’ll address it from a much more personal perspective. As life happens, you have to re-evaluate what you really want, and revisit your action plan to make it happen.

Wanting it all in the past meant I wanted the career, the husband, the kids, the family, the money; everything. What I found, was that in 2017 I have to strategically assess my position. I’m that person that life has happened to that needs to re-evaluate. I have a daughter in college, a little one in 2nd grade, and a brand new one year old babygirl. I’m no superwoman, I’ve had many moments in the last year that I’ve definitely wanted to just give up and settle for a normal, traditional life. I could just be a soccer mom, teacher, and hum drum local seamstress. No more thinking of a masterplan to build a brand and launch a line; fashion weeks, hours of drawing, grinding online, burning the midnight oil; all while attempting to maintain my motherhood and some type of so-called love life. But that’s just not me.

2017 is the first year EVER that I’ve taken the time out to complete a full production plan for TSX Design House from week 2 through week 52.

I remember covering the production planning process in college, but I never took the time to create one. It was a challenge ladies and gentleman, and it took me a couple of weeks to complete it. It’s an extensive process! And this current plan doesn’t even include my household and family obligations. To actually see what I have to do from week to week to make things happen was an eye opener. Now that I have weekly goals, I’m constantly trying to figure out how to complete each task, and keeping a tally of when I don’t. It’s upsetting when I ‘ve had to push something to the next week and add it to the list of things that have to be completed. But, every week has been better and better, and it’s encouraging when I see what’s been done. The most valuable lesson I learned was that without proper planning, I m just aimlessly floating from project to project. Lying it all out puts the work I have to do in perspective, and in real time.


I’m doing 2 complete collections this year. A Spring/Summer 2018 and a Fall/Winter 2018. I have it broken down from concept to creation week to week. This method enabled me to take a broad look at what all has to be done, so I can work it into my 24/7. I’ve also gone back to the focus of my brand which is chakras, tantra, cultural authentication, longevity, and sustainability.


I’m playing no games or taking no prisoners this year. With another baby and my oldest in college I’m on an extremely strict budget. I’m trying to invest more into my company, marketing, bills, my home, and my family. I’m laser focused on my future. So no travel for me. I’m going to attend WWDMagic in August 2017 instead of February, and I’ll definitely be showing in September but I haven’t decided where.

Social Media

I am going to harness the power of my social media accounts and omni channel sharing tools. I’m working on a full scale marketing plan that will include Facebook and Twitter ads, Instagram/Snapchat/YouTube/Periscope videos, giveaways and possibly bringing in a third party marketer.

Online Stores

I now have 3 stores online: TSX Design House on Etsy   TSX Design House on Art Of Where and TSX Design House on Zazzle . I’ve devoted time each week to adding new products and added them to my marketing mix.


I also blocked out time to write. More time to blog, write for clients, and work on my book.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

I will be on team no sleep in 2017. I can catch up during my limited downtime… I can sleep when I’m dead…………Stay Tuned MUAH aaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene

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Diary of a Fashion Designer: The Fashion Buying Calendar


IMG_2885The business of fashion is much more than designing clothes. 2017 is the first year is the first year I’ve consulted the fashion buying calendar when assembling my production plan for the year. I hadn’t realized the importance of aligning my design process with my buying process to ensure a smooth transition from concept to creation, then to the consumer’s closet. There’s a specific strategy to the process of showing your collection, selling your collection, shipping your collection, and the actual delivery of product.h

The Fashion Buying Calendar, Sell & Delivery Dates for small brands and large enterprises are currently the same. It allows 6-9 months between presentation and delivery to stores for things like manufacturing, inventory adjustments, and product adjustments. The internet has created an urgency for in season manufacturing as consumers want to buy what they see in real-time. From the runway to their doorstep. Some companies opt to allow the retailer to determine when they receive specific seasons. However, there is a traditional fashion buying calendar for season management, surplus assessment, and overall inventory control.

From the designers perspective the calendar and trend reports serve as a vantage point in the product development cycle; and during the concept phase of the creation of their collections. There are 6 seasons for womenswear, 3 for children’s, and 2 for men’s containing 3 important dates:

  1. Sell Date
  2. Delivery/Shipping Date
  3. Delivery Date


Spring 1

  1. August – October
  2. Late January – March
  3. 1/30, 2/28, 3/30

Spring 2

  1. October – January
  2. Late March – May
  3. 3/30, 4/30, 5/30

Fall 1 (transition)

  1. Late January – March
  2. Late middle of July – August
  3. 7/15, 8/30

Fall 2

  1. March – April
  2. Late September
  3. 9/30


  1. May – June
  2. 10/15, 10/30


  1. June – August
  2. late November – mid January
  3. 11/30, 12/30, 1/15


  1. Spring/Summer
  2. Back To School
  3. Holiday


  1. January – February is Fall buying season
  2. July – August is Spring/Summer buying season

Maintaining a well-organized season management system creates a better buying experience for your retailers, and consumers. It provides pre-season planning for collections, in season planning with open to buy information, controls availability of items, gives insight over original order quantities, controls delivery drops, manages the mark down process, and minimizes risk with transparent credit. All of the above contributes to the return on investment, profit, and success of the business.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaaaaaaand scene……………

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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Going Into The Future: The New Plan

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Urban Couture Life: 2016 Review, My World


WIN_20150219_123215 (6)I can’t say I’ve never been so happy for the year to end, but I’m not sad to put 2016 behind me. It’s been a year of many lessons, to be honest it’s been two years of too many lessons.

Lesson 1: Time Management

I have a brand new baby. Well she’s going on 1 now, and it’s definetly been a challenge trying to get anything done with a little one terrorizing me daily. If I’m sewing, she’s sewing, if I’m drawing, she’s drawing, if I’m cooking, she’s cooking and so on. That’s my little PrincessBabygirl. She just wants to play and cuddle with mommy all day and all night. Now I have 3 kids and with the new baby I’ve had to reevaluate my time management skills.  I’ve learned how to work in my off peak hours and make more of my work time. I plan out those precious hours to get the most work done and still spend plenty of time with the kids.

Lesson 2: Social Media Restrictions

I’ve had to restrict my soical media time. I was wasting too much time watching pointless videos, and trolling the platforms. I wasn’t even posting constructively for marketing puposes. I found I was too tired to get up and do anything, even think. So I would aimlessly surf the web. Now I’ve been actively restricting my internet use focusing on doing something productive.

Lesson 3: Take a Nap

Working full-time, managing a family, breastfeeding a baby, and managing a business calls for a catnap every now and then. I prefer to call it a power nap. These things literally suck the life out of me sometimes. So in order to be at my best, I have to plan and nap accordingly. Some days I may only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep but the show must go on, and it has to be all good.

Lesson 4: Love Does Not Conquer All

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I can’t pursue love and a career in fashion at the same time. I love love, but at this point I can’t be worried about it. Between these kids, work, and the business, I don’t have an extra minute to meet people. I have to focus. In 2015 and 2016 I gave it a try but it took too much out of me, it’s too hard to balance. My physical, mental and professional suffered. Right now, love is on the back burner.

Lesson 5: Get happy

The last thing I learned in 2016 is to truly be sucessful i need to get happy. I have to go into the new year respecting my position and just being happy in my own skin. I love what’s going on in my life and I’m ready to take it to the next level. I though I was ready before, but I think the time is now. Stay Tuned……………….MUAH aaaaaaaaaaad scene.

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