Diary of a Fashion Deigner: Bowl52 Fashion Show


It’s 2018 world and TSX Design House is starting off with a bang! This year I have to make some hard decisions about where I’m going with my career as a fashion designer, my career as an artist, my career as a teacher, my career as a writer and these relationships I’m fighting so hard to maintain.

To jump things off, I did my first show of 2018 in Minneapolis at a Superbowl event called “The Bowl52”. I chose this event because the theme was all about the magnitude of the impact of gun violence. Coming from Milwaukee I know all about gun violence and the impact it has on communities.

I’m not going to lie guys this was a struggle. The collection is called “SxEyecon”, it leads into the release of my book also entitled “SxEyecon” that will be published whether hell or high water later this year. I freestyled the majority of the collection, custom designed fabric, and was sewing every spare minute that I had BUT I pulled it off. Fashion shows always remind me of why I love this business. Doing the show pulled me back into my element and I feel good. It just lights a fire under my a** to get it together to do fashion full time. I need all of my working 12 hours per day to design and sew. I have to thank SYTI and the Black Truce organization for offering the opportunity to show, and give a shout out to my models. The ladies slayed it and the collection was a success. Once the show was over all I could think about was the fact that I do not want to go back to work Monday, I want to do another show. I mean, of course I’m going back to work but I need to book another show ASAP!

Guess what, I already booked 2 more shows, all expenses paid and I am here for it. I just want to get out here and showcase my brand.

My career as a teacher has taken a turn as well. I now teach art full time at a Catholic school. I love working with the kids. Teaching art helps to keep my creative juices flowing, my artistry stays fresh because I’m always looking for new ideas to create lessons for the kids, and I can incorporate some much-needed problem solving and design thinking into the curriculum. I’m very blessed to even be working in my field so I can’t complain. I’m happy.

My career as a writer is moving very fast. I’m still copywriting and doing SEO, but I’ve also 90% completed my book “SxEyecon”. This is my first book and when I tell you that this has been a struggle I am not lying to you! All the emotions and flashbacks it took to tell this story was pulling at my soul. I did a lot of reflecting, crying and practicing forgiveness because I have been through so much throughout my years. I didn’t realize how numb I had become to so much of my pain, writing the book was therapeutic. I hope to start writing the sequel to this book within the next 3 months, and then I’m moving on to fantasy or sci-fi. I need a break from reality.

My relationships…….not so awesome. My family life is good. The kids are great, but the other side of my personal life sucks. I mean, I keep saying I want it all, but I might not get it all. I know it’s possible but I don’t know if I have the patience or energy to put in the effort. I think whatever it is that I need from a man, is too much for most. And in retrospect whatever it is that a man needs from me is too much for me as well. I’m gridlocked in a war of wits and words with these men and I’m willing to compromise but I’m not willing to settle. There’s a big difference.

So where does that leave me? And what do  have to do to succeed in all my endeavors? Well that’s to be determined. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned and see…….MUAH aaaaaaaaand scene

SYTIBlack Truce



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Ebony is a writer, fashion designer, artist, substitute teacher, and mother of 3. She has over 150 published pieces of content on the web in the following categories: fashion, business, technology, and art. Adell graduated from Mount Mary University with a Bachelor Of Arts in Apparel Product Development in 2008.

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