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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: What Does Success Look Like?


Anything's possible in America... Everyday, every entrepreneur and dreamer measures the level of success they’ve achieved. We can’t help it, we’re in a constant rat race competition with ourselves to see how much of our inhumanly impossible expectations we’ve met, and we beat ourselves up for the marks that we miss. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Once you sit back and evaluate the road you’ve traveled to get where you are today, you’ll truly respect and value all the strides that you’ve made. See celebrities, and fake social media celebrities leave the impression that the materialistic gains are what determine whether or not you’re successful. But that’s not realistic, or true. Bob Marley was a global music icon and philanthropist, and he always stressed that money was never the end result of his success or the drive behind his passion. So, let’s take a look at and bust some myths to smithereens about what success should look like…

  1. Success is not about money

Don’t punch me. I hate to break it to you but success is not about money. You may be the hardest working person in your field for ten years and not see the financial gains yet. It’s not because you’re not awesome at what you do, it’s usually because it’s just not your time. You may be ahead of your time, and the world just isn’t ready for you yet. Every time I make a new collection or show some new pieces people act like my clothes are from outer space, they just don’t get it. But, like clockwork, I always see the shapes, colors, and styles I debuted  two years ago is the hot trend of the day two years later. I’ve learned it’s a confirmation that I’m just ahead of my time, I’m fashion forward. It doesn’t mean the money won’t come, it just means it’s not coming today. Unfortunately, most artists don’t gain unprecedented fame until they’re dead. But I’m not going to wait that long, and neither should you, just don’t give up when the big checks aren’t coming in. Keep going hard and creating.

      2. Your success is not based on the next person’s success

Don’t base your success on what the next person has going on, or what they’ve accomplished. No two paths to the promised land are the same. So don’t get all upset or depressed when others seem to come up and you don’t. You never know what they did or what they’ve gone through; and once again it just may not be your time yet. You can’t get caught up in trying to figure out why the next man has reached a level thet you haven’t, it takes time and energy away from what you’re trying to do AND it’s just not becoming. Focus on your own goals and ambitions and how you can utilize more of your time to achieve them.

        3. Your vision of what success looks like can change over time

What you thought success was at 18 will be different at 25, 30, 35, and 40. That’s totally normal and probable very sensible depending on what you’ve got going on. If you were on the block at 18 trying to fund your rap career, oron the pole at 21 trying to fund your dreams; you should be doing something else to make it happen 10 years later. It’s ok, you haven’t failed, or been knocked off your square. You’ve just upgraded your hustle. Where you may have strived for platinum hits, cars and cash in the past; you may now strive for more cash, companies, and investments today

      4. Sex does not equal success

This may ruffle some feathers but sex does not equal success. Now if you’re in the sex industry then it does, but in every other industry it does not. I mean, sex does sell, but only so much and only to so many. I say this because I see a lot of people exposing themselves sexually looking for some type of instant fame, not realizing it may later affect their long term dollars. Too many twerk videos, boobs, vaginas, a penises are just out here for no reason at all. These people are not even getting paid. But if likes and views were money, some of ya’ll would be rich. So, don’t act surprised if you have 700 likes on your Instagram nudie pic and no money in the bank. Andon the flip side don’t feel pressured to post something outrageous thinking it will gain some attention for your brand.

      5. Different areas of your life may never be successful all at the same time

Unfortunately every area of your life may not be all good, all at the same time. You may want it to function like a well oiled machine, but in reality it may run like a jimmy rigged old school. Pretty on the outside, but full of non-factory issued parts under the hood. But that’s ok it’s your life, your dream, your vision, your world. And you have to do what works for you. When balancing a business, a family, a relationship, sometimes even another job(or two); things can get a little hectic. You may want to consider letting some of those things go to the wayside or get pushed to the backburner. One of the first rules I learned in marketing is that when juggling multiple projects and dealing with a multi-faceted skillbase; you have to choose 1-2 in which you’ll be exceptional, and the rest you will be functional but mediocre. Because a jack of all trades is a master of none so you have to choose what to master.

So what about me? What does my success look like? Well it looks like whatever my life is right now. All I can do from this point is keep it up, and wait for the checks to come in… See you on the catwalk

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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: You Are A #Brand


nab-1.jpgYou only have seven short seconds to make a first impression. No matter who you’re trying to be, the outside world only takes a quick glance at your profile picture before they decide,”who you are and what you represent.” The power is in your hands to take control of the image that’s conveyed to the rest of the world and establish the value of your identity.

Think of it like this, if a billionaire was on Facebook browsing profiles right now looking for new investments and he saw your picture, how much do you look like your brand is worth? If they walked up on you right now and judged the price of your company based on the way you look, what would be their offer? Are you looking like a million bucks, or do you look like you ball out at Wal-Mart? Now, calm down there’s nothing wrong with Wal-Mart, a person can look good no matter where their clothes come from. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. What I mean is are your clothes clean? Are you neat? Is your hair cut, weave in place; ladies is your wig straight? Shoes not scruffy and ragged? Guys are you clean or neatly shaven? Teeth brushed? Smelling good?

Is your conversation together? Are you familiar with the latest trends, vocabulary, and news within your industry.  Your words don’t have to be a hard sell, but an easy seller’s pitch with a subliminal yet straight forward main idea. Every small business has to nurture itself like a fortune 500 company if you want to get corporation style cash. You have to look like the idea that you are trying to sell to your customers. If you’re attempting to enter a luxury market you must exude luxury style.

What it boils down to is this; you are judged by your looks. After gender, race, and age, the next stage of judgement is your apearance.Your appearance message has to be clear and concise, it has to make sense to the onlooker. If you have the appearance of cheap trash, don’t expect to attract high-end customers. You should always look like new money. Everybody has their bad days, but you have to treat your days like an ongoing marketing campaign. You are a brand. You’re the main asset of the company and you are the product. As we transition to an almost completely digital world of communication, you may never have a face to face interaction with a colleague or customer. You’ve only got one shot to sell your image to the consumer, and you want them to instantly think “CEO”. Give the impression you’re in the boardroom even if you’re still in the mail room.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene…

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