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Barack Obama The 45th President Of The United States


I’m a MFN’ Dem with an attitude  

Don’t sleep on this moment. The re-election of Barack Obama speaks to the progress America has achieved. On a large scale, we are moving towards a post racial co-existence. The people have spoken, race was not a major issues this election. That racial bull…. seems petty when hunger and strife see no color, it’s purely economic. Every country in the world is struggling with the same issues; hunger and economy. Wars are destroying countries, populations, and dreams. People are tired of the real issues getting pushed to the back burner, while the pettiness gets the center floor. Obama has already addressed and overcome those petty but systematic issues and successfully prevailed. He’s a problem solver by nature and analytical thinker by trade, and he’s the president, again. Taking African Americans from the slave house to the White House in record time.

You were able to see through all the smoke, mirrors, and poppycock; and take action. You won’t be fooled anymore. Especially in Wisconsin, where so many regretted going against their gut feeling and voting for Scott Walker for governor. This time Wisconsin didn’t take any chances, they did the smart thing.

Republicans tried to candy coat their intentions, and deflect what was really going on by attempting to turn the wealthy against the other 47%(lol). They tried to buy your vote with empty promises and fiscal plans made of swiss cheese(full of holes). Bombarded you with repetitive, robotic speeches full of deceptive keywords by a stepford husband. But you didn’t fall for the trickery. Seriously though, did the GOP really think that in the aftermath of one of the most expensive, extensive natural disasters in history, when millions of people across many states are homeless due to Superstorm Sandy, did you really think they would vote for the party that blatantly states they plan to cut aid programs? Food stamps they may need to eat, housing programs they may need to live, or FEMA assistance they may need to rebuild.

The race was close, so don’t get too relaxed. You have to stand on Congress’ azz to cooperate, put the people ahead of their own selfish motives. We have Obama for four more years, let’s work together to pull each other the rest of the way out of this…hole. Let’s reject that GOP crab mentality that aims to push you back down in it, with no remorse. What will you do in those four years, while the leader of the free world is in your corner? Today, I am so proud to be an American. His presidency is destiny, it’s poetry, it’s affirmation for any oppressed person in this whole wide world.  Now is your time….stay tuned,MUAH aaand scene.

2 Trends 2 Watch


The top two trends to watch this season are total fashion oxy-morons. They both are simple, yet so complicated.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is piping hot this season. But one wrong move, and you just look like you work on The Enterprise. It can tend to appear as if you’re wearing a uniform. The good thing is tat this technique gives the appearance of curves, and adds a tailored effect to most garments. Tailored clothes, always look more expensive, and you want posh swag. If the color blocking is built into the pattern of the garment it should fit like a glove.

Stay away from fabrics that are stiff. Check out some lycra blends, they provide a good fit for any body type. Fabric without body will just look cheap, but leather is probably the one exception to the rule. Fitted sleeves are ok, but limit thee long sleeves, especially if the piece as color blocking in the sleeves. You’ll find a variety that are basic black and one other color. Don’t be afraid to choose a style with two contrasting colors.

The Embellished Collar

The collar is a basic design element for any shirt or dress with a bodice. Rhinestones, pearls, beads, and metal studs made some major noise this year. Gracing the catwalks during fashion week, and on racks at every major department store. But you know, this type of style can sometimes be two rhinestones away from looking totally gaudy.

Don’t buy anything with cheap design elements( rhinestones etc.). The focal point of your outfit will be the collar. The embellishments highlight that area, people’s eyes will be drawn straight to it. It will make a $300 dress look like a $30 dress. But good quality rhinestones have the power to make a $30 dress look like a $300 dress. It just adds an air of quality.

So good luck, if you rock either one of these trends this holiday season just stick to the rules and you’ll survive…Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene



Fashion 201: The Power Of The Pattern


It’s time for a new collection. But instead of freestyling, this time I’m going to update the patterns from my original collection, “The Power Of Womanism.” Interestingly enough, as I pulled out all my patterns, I found I had like a hundred of them. The catch was they all needed to be ironed, repaired with tape, and hung on hangers in my studio. It sounds like lots of work, and it is. But in order to execute a successful collection the patterns have to be perfect.

First I sorted the patterns by the “type” of garment. Bodice, pants, jacket, sleeve, dress, support garments, and miscellaneous parts. The ironing came next, and that took at least three hours. During the ironing process each pattern was repaired with tape and evaluated for precision. Only patterns that could be updated with the least amount of preparation would be used, what’s left gets filed away for the year.

My new collection started to come to me as I ironed, taped, and hung. Without effort, I could already visualize each piece, and how I was going to manipulate the patterns to create the new styles. The patterns were my foundation, my blueprints. Thank goodness I kept my full body of work because I had worked them over so much that more than seventy percent out of one hundred were usable. That fact alone will save me two or thee weeks in the production process.

Patterns are one of the most important tools a designer can have. Pattern making skills, are some of the most important skills a designer can have as well. Why? Because when you get to a point in your career when you begin to visualize your designs in 3d, while in it’s rawest one dimensional form(the flat patterning); you’re the real deal holifield. You’re a designer, you’re an artist. There’s no turning back…stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene.

TSX Design House

“Beyond New Style Where Fashion Is Art In 3d”

The Criminalization Of Poverty:Romney,Gingrich, and the Whole GOP

Republican tactics lead to deminished wages fo...

Republican tactics lead to deminished wages for American middle class – American income gap grows (Photo credit: EN2008)

Republicans continue to double back and choke on their own words. They already claimed Obama was giving away free money, now they are trying to make this same old claim with a different spin. You can’t have it both ways GOP. Stop using trigger words like “welfare” and “socialism” as a last ditch effort to discredit Obama. Stop criminalizing poverty. Everybody doesn’t have the resources, knowledge, or opportunity to “thug it out” in this recession; and they should not be patronized for needing assistance of any sort. When people have the “basics” under control, that’s when the economy will start moving again, and that’s all programs like W2 try to provide for struggling families is the “basics.” Nobody’s getting rich off $673 per month, making less than minimum wage on a volunteer job. If you want to raise some questions, ask why the program allows a participant’s pay to be docked(for absences) at a rate higher that they pay out. Any politician who took the time to survey participants in these programs instead of the people who run it, they could more easily identify a solution. First, they should cut the work requirement and add more allotted time for job search. The reason is because the majority of activities don’t really “train” you for anything, it’s just busy work so the state feels comfortable sending out that check. Nobody minds training activities, and are grateful for the help, but you have to consider the “effectiveness” of the training, and will it help the participant find more work. These programs are unprepared for new age unemployment. They need to allocate training for entrepreneurship, telecommuting, and other non-traditional work options. It’s a matter of getting with the times. Why spend money on programs that don’t work? Also, a big part of the problem lies in the facilitator of the programs. They are more like the new welfare recipients because they get paid , and don’t do anything. They are not even required to review cases before they have appointments. So, how can they effectively maintain a case or arrange an activity for a client they who they haven’t even reviewed their skills or resume? On top of that, the workers are switched sometimes on a monthly basis, so they have no idea who their clients are. If you come in with no training or education at all, you may benefit from the program. However they are not trained for an influx of clients that have high school diplomas or secondary education. They don’t have any placement for them. When they can’t find an activity for you, the responsibility shifts to you, they give you the runaround, then cut your check putting you right back in the same predicament. But it seems like that’s what they want. The way the current system is set up, makes it almost impossible to pull yourself up out of poverty. And isn’t that the point?

When Your Heart Is In It, Love is…

Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love is…

Love is so beautiful
The rain after a thirty day dry spell
Quenches the thirst for his kiss
I love thunderstorms that I miss
I feel fingertips and his lips
I wet his soul with my hips
Wrap his arms around me

Love is so beautiful
My rose when it blooms cuz he walks in the room
His voice on the phone
Letters keep me strong
Love, I’m consumed
My eyes, dream and moan for my man to come
My love is strong and his love reach is
Even though he is gone
Is never wrong

Love just is…

Walk On The Wild Side



Short floaty skirt, 2005

Short floaty skirt, 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




New fashions are born as a sign of the times. Bohemian Chic is no exception to the rule, it’s a reflection of the economic state of the world. Boho fashion was originally associated with the wardrobe of struggling artists, writers, musicians and actors. Today, the style has transcended into the mainstream. When some trends go from the catwalk to the closet, they can get a little pricey. But you don’t have to worry about that, contrary to popular belief high quality doesn’t have to be expensive. These styles are totally affordable.


Take a break from the earthy, watered down tones of traditional boho and step over to the wild side. New trends offer a wide variety of boho inspired jewelry with an edgy modern twist. Organic shapes and natural elements compliment any look. If you prefer a pop of color try the salmon pink, teals, deep reds and jeweled purple tone jewelry. Choose from hoops, wooden bangles, metal bangles, chandelier earrings, colorful cuffs, cool ear hooks, and beaded pieces that easily can go from day to night. There are multi-string beaded necklaces in metallic tone colors that are lightweight, so feel free to pile on the bracelets without feeling weighed down. You can mix and match textures and patterns without looking overdone.


You will see the traditional volume, length, and eclectic patterns that were popular in the sixties. Boho fashion was made famous by offering a loose, relaxed, feminine silhouette; following a time in fashion history when clothing was tight and restricting. Peasant tops, tunics, long skirts, wide leg pants, and the popular maxi-dress will all be available for you to choose from. Beautiful embroidered detailing gives that high fashion feel without the high fashion price tag. You don’t have to look like a hippie to be on trend, new age pieces have a more polished apearance that compliment any wardrobe.