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Diary of a Fashion Designer: Marketing

Diary of a Fashion Designer: Marketing

Running a business in the fashion industry is no easy task. Smaller companies with limited staff and limited resources have to make strategic decisions about what can effectively be done in-house and what needs to be outsourced. It’s important to maintain control of product development, distribution, and the supply chain when possible. That leaves you to decide whether to delegate your marketing efforts to an agency or attempt to pursue all the promotions on your own. Based on your situation, there are Pros and Cons to in-house versus agency marketing for small fashion companies.

In House Marketing


  • Absolute control of content- you create and pick images, text, video, color scheme, theme, music, models, outlets, when it goes out, how it goes out, etc.
  • Real time social media management
  • You can plan and execute your strategy using a tool like Buffer– create, schedule and execute social media marketing campaigns
  • Cost effective- create a marketing team within your existing team that knows your brand identity and culture
  • Personal engagement with consumers- engage with the customers making them feel like they’re a part of the brand


  • Time consuming
  • Time is divided- can’t focus on what you do best
  • Can’t keep up the pace- customers have short attention spans, marketing efforts need to be updated or refreshed more frequently as methods and platforms change

Agency Marketing


  • Leave it to the experts- they already have proven processes that get results because that’s all they do
  • Monitored control- you supply the vision and get the final say
  • Leaves time for you to focus on product development, distribution, and the supply chain
  • They have access to tools you don’t have that will make the content better and process more efficient
  • Pays off in sales, customer engagement, and acquisition of new customers


  • Less control
  • Can get expensive
  • Engagement may not be as personal

Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Social Media Strategy-The Power Of YouTube


zazzleposter1self love copy    Video marketing is the next level of advertising in an era where communication has become more visual, and less verbal. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. all have a platform that allows you to upgrade posts and pictures into full scale mini-commercials. People may not recall details about your brand they’ve read in a magazine, but they’ll remember the themes and scenes from  a video. It’s all about what you do in those first ten seconds the viewer is watching.

There’s an art to film. Cinematography, music, and acting ability play an integral part in video advertising. You have to grab the viewers attention and keep them engaged with your content. Entertain them, inform them with your message, and initiate a call to action. Video ad marketing isn’t just a hot marketing trend, some of the biggest brands in the world are taking the lead.

1. Samsung

Founded over 70 years ago, Samsung has a proven track record of product excellence and innovation in electronics. Rated as one of the top 10 global brands in the world, their mantra is, “Inspire the World, Create the Future.”  “Galaxy 11 The Training” is the introduction to a 3 part series of video marketing ads that introduce new products and apps. It tells the story of how Samsung products will be used to help shape the future and demonstrates all the new technologies they’ve pioneered.


  • Entertain
  • Give your products a life with an extended storyline. This builds loyalty with the customer, enticing them to come back for more. Create content that makes them want to know what happens next.
  • Tap into current global events and trends like FIFA World Cup.
  • Give it a happy ending
  • Feature the benefits of your product or service.

2. Nike

Established in 1950, Nike has grown from just footwear for athletes to shoes, clothes, equipment, and accessories for everyone. Their mantra is “Commitment to Innovation.” They’ve pioneered “shoe shox,” and the “retail theater” experience.” One of their newest campaigns “Risk Everything is set up like a preview for a movie. The movie they want you to see is the 2014 FIFA World Cup. They show how far these world famous soccer athletes have come, and where they are going; leaving their home countries for the games. This ad has built up the anticipation for their official jerseys and shoes from World Cup.


  • Build anticipation
  • Keep it short if you can, people have short attention spans
  • Demonstrate to people how they can participate in your brand
  • Nike shows how their products can make better athletes, demonstrate the benefits of your product to the customer
  • Tell a story the customer can relate to
  • Entertain

3. Adidas

Adidas has been around over 100 years. They started out as a company that was on a mission to provide the best athletic equipment to athletes. Today they’re one of the top athletics companies in the world. “The Battle Pack” is their video ad for a series of shoes inspired by FIFA World Cup. This ad uses art, sculpture and history to portray the idea that their shoes are like timeless works of art. It captures a moment when a battle’s is being won.


  • Make a connection between your content/product and the viewer’s values
  • Demonstrate what difference your product makes in the viewer’s lives
  • Don’t use actors, get creative

4. Dove

Dove revolutionized skin care for women in 1957. Starting with the beauty bar, they’ve expanded they’re product line to hair care and other products.The “Real Beauty” ad campaign appeals to women and men(there is a men’s version). It’s a simple testimonial/interview/documentary style video that focuses on natural beauty. Dove plays with the idea their products will enhance the natural beauty of the  viewer.


  • Use customer testimonials
  • Appeal to people’s empathy
  • Create a story line that can be carried into the next ad

5. Google

Google was launched in 1995, and it is the #1 search engine in the world. The name “Google” is a numerical term the founders chose to represent their mission to provide the web with an infinite amount of information.  They have been acquiring companies like YouTube and Picasa to extend their reach. Their innovation is unfiltered and uncontested. Google Play: “Play Your Heart Out” is a 30 second video ad that launches their new logo. This strategy is rooted in simplicity. Everything’s centered, fast, but very clear. Each flash of the logo contains a clip of what’s available on Google Play; music, movies, books and games.


  • K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. You can keep your ad simple as long as it gets to the point
  • provide clear images your audience can relate to and are familiar with
  • demonstrate the benefits of your product or service
  • show examples
  • Try not to offend customers in “potential” markets

Stay true to your brand messaging and values across all media channels. It’s ok to think outside the box but don’t create content that people can’t connect to the brand. Entertain, inspire, engage, and inform the masses like no typical ad can with a solid video marketing strategy.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene…

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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Social Media Strategy: Utilizing Google+


Anything's possible in America...

The world’s number one search engine is offering your business the opportunity to be listed in the largest online business directory, completely free of charge. This isn’t the same as your other social media accounts. Google+Local is a social media platform designed specifically to give your website a higher rank in the search engine, on a first page listing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all have their perks, but here’s how you can use Google+Local to grow your business and increase your brand visibility..

How It Works


Like every social media platform you have to build an extensive and complete profile to reap the benefits. Create a thorough description of your business that includes the following: explanation of product or service

  •  taglines
  • location
  • phone numbers
  • hours
  • additional links(website, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Your page should also contain rich visual content. Add photos of the business space, products, employees, logos, cover photos, YouTube videos and any other additional company media. Provide the customer with all the information they need to make an informed buying decision, and drive traffic to your website/company.


Instead of friends, followers, or fans; G+Local has “circles”. Group your contacts into targeted customer segments and create updates for each circle. When someone in your circle does a search that is related to your business or keywords, you appear closer to the top of the search results page. On the other hand, if a person that’s not in your circle does the same search, you end up at the bottom of the page but still in their results. Increase your reach and expand your network by inviting all your contacts from other sites to join your circles. As an incentive to engage with you and build customer loyalty, offer discounts and specials only available to those customers.


Create targeted, keyword specific content daily to keep your customers engaged; interact with them on a regular basis.The updates section is where you address concerns, reply directly to people in your circles, and respond to reviews. Of course, you also post updates about sales, products, trends in your industry, blog posts, business related hash tags, and company milestones. Keeping this section current can be a challenge, so you should consider establishing an account with a service like Buffer or Hootsuite. This allows you to plan and pre-schedule your updates.

Additional Tips

  • When you register, you have to claim your page and allow Google to verify it. Once the verification process is complete your business will appear on Google Maps, allowing the customer to see exactly where it is, in real time.
  • Use Google AdWords or consult a SEO checklist for keywords.
  • Include reverse links from your other sites back to your G+Local page.
  • Check all the content for grammer and make sure all the information listed is current and correct.
  • Sync your Google+Local page with your Google Places page, and any other business related pages you have on the internet.
  • Make sure all the information across all your media channels is clear, concise, and consistent with your brand messaging.
  • Track your progress using Google analytics.
  • If you can afford it, hire a social media manager.

Local searches account for 20% of all web based search, and 40% of those inquiries occur on a mobile device. That’s a clear sign that you can’t ignore your local patrons and survive. Gone are the days you could reel in sales face to face with your customers. Your web presence may be the only contact you have with them before they make a purchase. Make a lasting impression with Google+Local and gain increased brand visibility, increase sales, and raise your search engine ranking.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene…….

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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: 5 Tips To Maximize Your Social Media Networks


06show Whether you’re a small business, or a Fortune 500 company, social media has exploded the pool of potential customers for every business. The possibilities are endless. You now have the power to reach out and touch any market, anywhere in the world.

The secret to a successful social media marketing strategy is effectively tapping into your networks, and utilizing all your sharing tools. Here are 5 Tips To Maximize Your Social Media Network.

1. Monitor and measure your key performance indicators(KPI)

Analytics measure your brand performance online partially based on your activity, engagement, and return on investment(ROI). You can identify your audience and their preferences. Your # of Likes, # of Follows, # of Followers, viewers, subscribers, mentions, retweets, and shares. If you keep track of the results weekly, or even daily, you can tweak the time, platform, and even subject of your content to generate more activity.

2. Encourage your friends/followers to engage with you

The beauty of these social media platforms is they allow you to build personal relationships with customers in far away places. Encourage your fans/friends/followers to “Like” your posts, leave comments, share your content, and start discussions. Join groups, respond to people’s comments, “Like” their posts and updates;and share fresh, valuable information with them.

3. Break your groups and circles down into specific customer segments

Break customers down by demographics, psycho-graphics, purchase history, browse history, etc. Create specific promotions,  posts and updates for the different groups.

4. Create a contest

People love free stuff. Offer a prize for the follower that gets you the most mentions/shares/likes in 30 days.

5. Add video

The attention span of the average person is pretty short. especially with pop-up ads and full on commercials online to distract them. Aside from stunning visual media in the form of pictures, you need to add video to your updates. Keep it short, get to the point, and include a call to action. Blurbs, mini-commercials, interviews etc. all make for great video content.

A person doesn’t have to spend a dollar in order to become valuable to a business. You want to create an experience that customers want to share with their friends and family. Also, if you know somebody with a start-up, home-based business, or any kind of business at all; don’t be a hater, click the “Like” button. Stay tuned…MUAH aaand scene.

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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: You Are A #Brand


nab-1.jpgYou only have seven short seconds to make a first impression. No matter who you’re trying to be, the outside world only takes a quick glance at your profile picture before they decide,”who you are and what you represent.” The power is in your hands to take control of the image that’s conveyed to the rest of the world and establish the value of your identity.

Think of it like this, if a billionaire was on Facebook browsing profiles right now looking for new investments and he saw your picture, how much do you look like your brand is worth? If they walked up on you right now and judged the price of your company based on the way you look, what would be their offer? Are you looking like a million bucks, or do you look like you ball out at Wal-Mart? Now, calm down there’s nothing wrong with Wal-Mart, a person can look good no matter where their clothes come from. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. What I mean is are your clothes clean? Are you neat? Is your hair cut, weave in place; ladies is your wig straight? Shoes not scruffy and ragged? Guys are you clean or neatly shaven? Teeth brushed? Smelling good?

Is your conversation together? Are you familiar with the latest trends, vocabulary, and news within your industry.  Your words don’t have to be a hard sell, but an easy seller’s pitch with a subliminal yet straight forward main idea. Every small business has to nurture itself like a fortune 500 company if you want to get corporation style cash. You have to look like the idea that you are trying to sell to your customers. If you’re attempting to enter a luxury market you must exude luxury style.

What it boils down to is this; you are judged by your looks. After gender, race, and age, the next stage of judgement is your apearance.Your appearance message has to be clear and concise, it has to make sense to the onlooker. If you have the appearance of cheap trash, don’t expect to attract high-end customers. You should always look like new money. Everybody has their bad days, but you have to treat your days like an ongoing marketing campaign. You are a brand. You’re the main asset of the company and you are the product. As we transition to an almost completely digital world of communication, you may never have a face to face interaction with a colleague or customer. You’ve only got one shot to sell your image to the consumer, and you want them to instantly think “CEO”. Give the impression you’re in the boardroom even if you’re still in the mail room.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene…

TSX Design House “Beyond New Style, Where Fashion Is Art In 3d”

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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: My Zazzle Store


So world there’s been a change of plans. I had to take a step back, evaluate my position, re- think my strategy and re-structure my game plan. Losing my investor has caused financial strain. I have to figure out how to grow my brand, expand inventory, and increase sales; while maintaining a small budget, and low overhead costs. The first production run is going to have to be done in house by hand. That changes the production calendar, silhouettes, colors, fabrics, and basically the whole plan. I have to shift my focus.

That’s where my online store on comes into play. allows me to offer mass customized products,  while keeping the integrity of my design philosophy and staying true to the TSXDH brand. The benefits of zazzle are:

1. They produce all of the products you create at no extra cost.

2. I control the price structure, including the special offers.

3. I offer niche products like:

Eco-friendly t-shirts

Products Made In The USA

Art on Canvas

4. All I do is create, promote, and sell while zazzle does the rest

Below is a detailed description of what’s in the store right now:

Women’s Alternative Apparel Eco-Blend T-Shirt

Harken back to middle school P.E. with the Alternative Apparel eco-blend t-shirt. Made with recycled polyester, organic cotton, and Rayon, this shirt has that classic heather look and softness of a vintage shirt. Please note: This shirt is fitted. For a more relaxed fit, order one size larger.

  1. 3rd World

Inspired by a youth in revolt within all oppressed cultures and people of the world. 3 rd world is a reference to this new generation

Ladies Organic T-Shirt (Fitted)

The all-organic cotton ladies’ t-shirt. 100% organic, fine jersey cotton combed for comfort. Custom contour fit. NOTE: Sizes run small. Order 1 size larger for looser fit. Made in the USA by American Apparel

  1. 1.      SWEETS-Cake   

organic t-shirt from the “SWEETS” collection 2-cupcakes 2 ice cream

MOVE t-shirt by TSX Design House

Inspired by the struggle of all oppressed people. Liberation Fashion….

Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag

A powerhouse of versatility, the Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag is perfect as a workday commuter, overnight attaché, or travel bag.  Vibrantly printed with your custom artwork or text on rugged polyester and designed with a interchangeable accessories system, this bag is as customizable inside as it is outside. Carefully constructed with a focus on environmental sustainability, this bag combines form, function, and a small ecological footprint.

  • Water resistant, extra durable (machine-washable).
  • Large main compartment and 2 front pockets.
  • Lightweight and forms to your body.
  • Quick-adjust cam shoulder strap.
  • Velcro strips accessory system; Holds a 13” laptop (w/optional sleeve).
  • Made with a sustainability focus in San Francisco, CA.
  • Dimensions 11″ H x 18″ W x 6″ D.

move_t_shirt_by_tsx_design_house-rb3ea3ffe215f43848aa3ae0d43376d13_vjxjq_540 sxeyecon_signature_bag_commuter_bags-rf84b9f08acf64d1ead9aac35abd760f0_2iov4_8byvr_216 tsxdh_balance_signature_bag_courier_bags-r1d0d31a34b1a45f68899b0e7fb146c23_2ioob_8byvr_540 urban_couture_life_signature_bag_2012_messenger_bag-r493b89f8f0904510b98a0150a6634609_20vls_8byvr_216


So here we go, I can only give it all I’ve got and watch the cash roll in; sewing and painting everyday….stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene.

TSX Design House “Beyond New Style Where Fashion Is Art In 3d”


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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: 10 Things I Learned From Losing a Deal


pic2It’s a heavy blow to any entrepreneur when one unexpected action pushes your whole operation back to square one. All you can see and think about is months of planning and research down the tubes. Hours spent writing business plans, marketing plans, designing, filling out tech packs, and meetings seem wasted. At the moment when you find out the one thing you needed to happen to initiate that final push to an advanced level of success is not about to go down; you panic. It feels like defeat. Symptoms of an anxiety attack began creeping up on me. The stomach knots up, heart beats fast, and I became light-headed. In your mind, it’s over. But in reality, it’s not.

You have to learn from every experience. When you’re out here trying to make it, grinding and hustling; you have to also be actively learning. This experience taught me a lot about myself as a designer and a businesswoman. I appreciate the fact that somebody who is successful in the industry, and runs a multimillion dollar company; chose me as a client. They found value in my vision, and was willing to take a chance on TSXDH. Their comradely and insight is priceless.

I learned more than I bargained for and I also learned the hard way; but here is a list of some of the most important lessons:

      1. Anything can happen

You can plan your heart out, and one single event can change everything. Accept that mantra. You don’t know what tomorrow brings, and with the world’s economy suffering from roller coaster tri-polar disorder; the market can bottom out without warning. It’s your responsibility to be prepared.

2.  Have a well thought out back-up plan in place at all times

  3. Recognize your advantage

Identify what drew the investor in, and capitalize on those qualities. What did they like about your product or company?

      4. Don’t dwell on it

Businesses pop up and fail every day, while ideas are born and suddenly die. Your job is to make the next strategic move to pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

      5. It’s easier to move on than you think

You don’t have to be loyal to old ideas and plans. It’s much more important to figure out what you need to do to move forward.

      6. The loss isn’t always because you’ve done something wrong

It’s not you it’s them. Just because a deal falls through, doesn’t mean you f’ed up something. Your ideas are still viable, and profitable. The issue may not have anything to do with you, so don’t be too hard on yourself trying to place blame.

      7. Work with what you’ve got

When you’re trying to creep back on a come up, use the tools that are at your immediate disposal. Identify what works and go with it.

      8. Fall back on what you know

Go for what you know. In my case, my Bachelor’s Degree in Apparel Product Development is flexing its muscles. I feel confident in my knowledge and fully understand the fashion design process from concept to creation; the business as well as the design perspective. I know what to do next, and how to do it.

     9. Don’t freak out

…and if you do, freak out internally. Once you’re done and you clear your head, your mind will start to put the pieces back together. But you have to get that anger and disappointment off your back first.

   10. Pray

Pray, meditate, or do whatever it is you do to unwind. A spiritual outlet gives the mind some clarity.

Where you are today, is not where you have to stay. But what you do today, can influence how far you go and how you get there. Well, on to plan B… Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene.


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