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Diary of a Fashion Designer: Sustainable Sourcing and Design


pic2     The business side of fashion requires alot of responsibility. But if you want to play in the big leagues, and win, you have got to know the rules. If you try to undermine the regulations the star player under your brand umbrella can quickly get benched; and your team’s reputation ruined before you ever even see profit or success. As the global marketplace expands, so do opportunities and outreach. The potential to influence markets around the world is now just a simple click away.

Rule Number One: Know your product.

When I say “know your product” I mean in terms of materials and fabric. Requirements are so strict now on what you can import into the U.S. it’s your responsibility as a designer to know what your product is made of. Certify and verify the materials. If your designs contain hardware, sequins, zippers, studs, dyes or any other value added details; you have to have them tested for chemicals like carcinogens. Make suppliers provide proof your product’s been tested and properly labeled because if it hasn’t been, your head is on the chopping block.

Rule Number Two: Know your manufacture.

Don’t use a sweatshop point blank, period. You want fair wages and work conditions in the factories you use. No child labor, human trafficking, or inhumane conditions. It’s not only bad business, but bad Karma. What you put out into the universe, is definitely what you’ll get back.  Nobody wants to associate with a company that sources manufacturing to a factory that’s against women’s rights, or anything else that infringes on human rights. It’s ok to raise your price point a to balance the cost. Address this issue in the product development stage to appeal to a target market that won’t mind the trade off.

Rule Number Three: Know your distributor.

Don’t distribute directly to discount chains. Require clear and concise paperwork. You want control of where your product goes, how, and when. Just in case they don’t oblige, legal ramifications need to be felt. If your brand culture is high-end to luxury market, distribution to outlets is an early death, your brand will never fully recover and your customers will never pay the price you set forth.

Rule Number Four:  Protect yourself.

Copyright, trademark, and patents have to be in place before you make any major moves. The worst thing that can happen is you have a multi-million dollar idea, and somebody steals it from you, believe me, it happens all the time in fashion. Develop a backup plan, or backup brand, to follow suit if you do get knocked off. You copyright the art, patent the construction, a trademark the distinguishing characteristics of your product. Once you register it, counterfeits can’t come into the country. Mark your patterns, sketches, brainstorms and notes. Sign and date everything, make a photocopy and mail it to yourself; this is called a “poor man’s copy”. Until you can afford all your legal paperwork.

Rule Number Five: Go green.

If you can afford it, go green. Move to environmentally friendly materials and operations. Go paperless, use hemp cloth, whatever you can afford to do to make your company more sustainable. It shows your brand is socially conscious.

Rule Number Six: Support something besides yourself.

Support your community and the global community as a whole. Teach a class, support a class, volunteer, plant  a community garden, adopt a tree; share your knowledge and good karma with an outsider. It never fails, you’ll be surprised how much more successful you’ll be and how fast the good times will come when you reach out to others. This will also build a good reputation for your company, more brand awareness, and brand loyalty.

Rule Number Seven: Personally oversee your paperwork.

If you can afford it, get an attorney. But even if you do, you need to personally understand, sign and approve every piece of paperwork. Especially if there is a licensing agreement involved. Don’t be afraid to limit your partner’s role, and retain creative control. You want anything licensed under your umbrella to communicate a unified brand message. The visuals and promotion should all be in sync.

Remember, your brand is an asset, it’s as valuable as your body parts. It’s more than your money, it’s your life. Your dreams coming to life, so treat it as such. Develop a full strategy because if you’ve invested years like I have, you can’t stand the risk of someone coming in and snatching the rug from under your feet; you can’t stand to lose….stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene.

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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: After The Show…”The Rules”


IMG_0006  2013 WWD Magic Market Week

So now what? Well, to sum it all up, back to reality. I have to ask myself what do I do now; what is going to change, what life lessons have I learned, and how can I maximize this experience, to achieve dreams and reach goals?

Rule Number 1. Remember, nobody is going to chase your dreams like you.

You’re on your own. This is your baby, don’t expect others to understand or participate in this journey. But that’s ok, it doesn’t mean people don’t support you, they just might not get it. More than likely those people are not your target market, and that’s who needs to understand you as a designer.

Rule Number 2. Utilize your support system.

My biggest support system is my family. Chasing my dreams has been a pretty rough ride, and I just don’t know if I would have come this far without them. We all support each other and it creates a safety net. That stability adds to my confidence, and gives me flexibility to make moves like traveling to trade shows.

Rule Number 3. Synchronize your brand & your values

You represent your brand first. The life you live, and the choices you make are all influenced by your values. They define your personality from childhood, especially your creative/artistic perspective. Your brand should support that same value system. Before any celebrity spokesperson co-signs for you, you(the designer) should visually send a clear brand message.

Rule Number 4. Keep your social media profiles updated

Networking is an essential element of a success strategy. Social media allows you global networking opportunities, and is what currently drives productive promotion, as well as growth for small businesses and large corporations. When you first start out, lack of a solid, progressive online presence is an early death sentence. You miss access to markets that were very difficult to reach in the past. This offers the option of real time marketing, at an affordable rate, FREE. Remember to constantly update statuses and albums; including video. You’re basically filming commercials for your brand. Make sure the lighting is good, and the sound is clear. Use these outlets to maintain relevancy.

Rule Number 5. Pray on it.

A spiritual base is a must. Without it, you just won’t make it. You have to stay mentally on point when you’re trying to make it in any field. Constantly pray, meditate, do yoga, and try to go to church. It will give your mind clarity. No matter what your religious preference is, give thanks, communicate, and maintain a relationship with that higher power.

Rule Number 6. Believe.

Believe in yourself and go hard. Because if you don’t trust your vision enough to give it beyond 100%, an investor or a customer will not give you one red cent(or one of whatever their currency is)of their money. You have to be able to stand on your ideas, support them, and sell them. Otherwise the visual representations won’t work.

Rule Number 7. Know your shit.

This may sound crass, but I’m not going to sugar coat it. Get as educated as much as possible. At the minimum you have to have an understanding of sewing, construction, illustration, basic design, basic fashion design, basic technology, art, basic technical design, trends, some fashion history, and sourcing. You can never obtain too much knowledge. So enroll in every workshop, seminar, class, online group, webinar; and read every book, magazine and e-book on the fashion business(design/art).

Ok…no matter what anybody says or what happens keep going and moving forward. Obama didn’t use the word forward as his campaign keyword for nothing. The phrase is so simple yet so true. Control all that you can in your life and go with the flow. Stay driven, confident, and creative; and you can take this life journey wherever you want.

Stay tuned MUAH aaand scene…

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Black Hair Care: DIY All Natural Lighteners

This image shows a whole and a cut lemon. It i...

It’s time for a change, but your pockets may not be up to the task. A trip to the salon seems like a long lost dream, and you want to lighten our shade a bit. This time you want to try a method that’s all-natural. While searching for simple ways to get highlights or lighten the hair without chemicals look no further than the kitchen. You don’t have to dig deep in order to find a few pennies to contribute to a makeover.

Lemons For The Tart

Lemons are known to naturally lighten the hair. Mix 1/4 cup of lemon juice into your conditioner bottle. Apply it directly to the hair and do one of two things: sit in the sun for a few hours and allow it to bleach, or sit under a dryer for an hour to speed up the lightening process. Repeat weekly until you get the desired effect.


Honey is known to be sweet and sticky, but it also contains natural hydrogen peroxide. You need 1/2 cup of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 1/2 cups of distilled water. Mix the honey and olive oil first, then slowly add the water until you have a well mixed solution. Pour into a spray bottle an spray onto freshly washed hair, comb through and rinse after 1 hour. Repeat as desired.

Boil 5 bags of chamomille tea in 3 cups of water for 10 minutes. Allow the tea to cool and depending on the degree of lightening you desire, apply to freshly washed and conditioned hair. For a gradual lightening process, add the tea to your shampoo and conditioner.

Rhubarb Juice

Rhubarb is as easy as the lemon. Boil about 5 stalks of rhubarb with 2 cups of water for 10 minutes. Allow it to cool and remove the stalks from the pot. Directly pour the rhubarb juice onto the hair. This won’t bleach you out, but it will lighten brunettes. No matter which method you choose remember to follow up with weekly conditioning and regular moisturzation.


  • Homemade hair lighteners
  • DIY hair lighteners
  • All natural remedies
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Black Hair Care: How To Grow Your Hair Out For 2012

Black Hair Care: How To Grow Your Hair Out For 2012

Hair reflects how your body feels, from the inside out. Diet, lifestyle habits and healthy maintenance all contribute to it’s luciousness. You’ve been tying to grow your hair out, but first it has to get healthy and the length will come later. You can’t just eat candy and drink soda, and think everything’s going to be all good. It takes a whole routine to get it growing.

Step 1

Hydration is  medication for the body; AGUA!!! Drink lots of water. Your locks grow from the inside out, so a healthy diet plays a big part in the process. Add more protein like eggs, beans and yogurt to your regimen. When you cut back on caffeine and smoking, you really mean business.

Step 2

Introduce vitamins and herbs into your life. The following all contribute to hair growth: B, E, C, beta carotene, silica and nettle. To combat thinning and breakage try hair vitamins.

Step 3

Switch to a soap nut shampoo or all-natural homemade shampoo and add an egg to give it a protein boost. Condition your hair on a regular basis, adding plain yogurt for extra moisturization. Saturate it, you can never over-condition. Then find a leave-in conditioner you can use between shampoos. Use a hot oil treatment at least biweekly; moisture is the key to combatting dry, brittle hair.

Step 4

Go natural. Stay away from chemicals during the growth process. Keep the use of any heat on your hair to a minimum. If you have to curl, flat iron or blow dry, use protective styling products and rock roller sets.

Step 5

Get a trim one a month to keep your hair healthy and promote growth.

Supply List:
  • Vitamins B, E and C
  • Strengthening and restorative conditioner
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Yogurt
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Hot oil treatment
  • Leave-in conditioner
Just a thought:
  • Massage the scalp with flaxseed oil or vitamin E oil.
  • Pantene: Hair Growth Myths []
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