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Barack Obama The 45th President Of The United States


I’m a MFN’ Dem with an attitude  

Don’t sleep on this moment. The re-election of Barack Obama speaks to the progress America has achieved. On a large scale, we are moving towards a post racial co-existence. The people have spoken, race was not a major issues this election. That racial bull…. seems petty when hunger and strife see no color, it’s purely economic. Every country in the world is struggling with the same issues; hunger and economy. Wars are destroying countries, populations, and dreams. People are tired of the real issues getting pushed to the back burner, while the pettiness gets the center floor. Obama has already addressed and overcome those petty but systematic issues and successfully prevailed. He’s a problem solver by nature and analytical thinker by trade, and he’s the president, again. Taking African Americans from the slave house to the White House in record time.

You were able to see through all the smoke, mirrors, and poppycock; and take action. You won’t be fooled anymore. Especially in Wisconsin, where so many regretted going against their gut feeling and voting for Scott Walker for governor. This time Wisconsin didn’t take any chances, they did the smart thing.

Republicans tried to candy coat their intentions, and deflect what was really going on by attempting to turn the wealthy against the other 47%(lol). They tried to buy your vote with empty promises and fiscal plans made of swiss cheese(full of holes). Bombarded you with repetitive, robotic speeches full of deceptive keywords by a stepford husband. But you didn’t fall for the trickery. Seriously though, did the GOP really think that in the aftermath of one of the most expensive, extensive natural disasters in history, when millions of people across many states are homeless due to Superstorm Sandy, did you really think they would vote for the party that blatantly states they plan to cut aid programs? Food stamps they may need to eat, housing programs they may need to live, or FEMA assistance they may need to rebuild.

The race was close, so don’t get too relaxed. You have to stand on Congress’ azz to cooperate, put the people ahead of their own selfish motives. We have Obama for four more years, let’s work together to pull each other the rest of the way out of this…hole. Let’s reject that GOP crab mentality that aims to push you back down in it, with no remorse. What will you do in those four years, while the leader of the free world is in your corner? Today, I am so proud to be an American. His presidency is destiny, it’s poetry, it’s affirmation for any oppressed person in this whole wide world.  Now is your time….stay tuned,MUAH aaand scene.

The Criminalization Of Poverty:Romney,Gingrich, and the Whole GOP

Republican tactics lead to deminished wages fo...

Republican tactics lead to deminished wages for American middle class – American income gap grows (Photo credit: EN2008)

Republicans continue to double back and choke on their own words. They already claimed Obama was giving away free money, now they are trying to make this same old claim with a different spin. You can’t have it both ways GOP. Stop using trigger words like “welfare” and “socialism” as a last ditch effort to discredit Obama. Stop criminalizing poverty. Everybody doesn’t have the resources, knowledge, or opportunity to “thug it out” in this recession; and they should not be patronized for needing assistance of any sort. When people have the “basics” under control, that’s when the economy will start moving again, and that’s all programs like W2 try to provide for struggling families is the “basics.” Nobody’s getting rich off $673 per month, making less than minimum wage on a volunteer job. If you want to raise some questions, ask why the program allows a participant’s pay to be docked(for absences) at a rate higher that they pay out. Any politician who took the time to survey participants in these programs instead of the people who run it, they could more easily identify a solution. First, they should cut the work requirement and add more allotted time for job search. The reason is because the majority of activities don’t really “train” you for anything, it’s just busy work so the state feels comfortable sending out that check. Nobody minds training activities, and are grateful for the help, but you have to consider the “effectiveness” of the training, and will it help the participant find more work. These programs are unprepared for new age unemployment. They need to allocate training for entrepreneurship, telecommuting, and other non-traditional work options. It’s a matter of getting with the times. Why spend money on programs that don’t work? Also, a big part of the problem lies in the facilitator of the programs. They are more like the new welfare recipients because they get paid , and don’t do anything. They are not even required to review cases before they have appointments. So, how can they effectively maintain a case or arrange an activity for a client they who they haven’t even reviewed their skills or resume? On top of that, the workers are switched sometimes on a monthly basis, so they have no idea who their clients are. If you come in with no training or education at all, you may benefit from the program. However they are not trained for an influx of clients that have high school diplomas or secondary education. They don’t have any placement for them. When they can’t find an activity for you, the responsibility shifts to you, they give you the runaround, then cut your check putting you right back in the same predicament. But it seems like that’s what they want. The way the current system is set up, makes it almost impossible to pull yourself up out of poverty. And isn’t that the point?

2012: Evolution, Revolution

2012: Evolution, Revolution

Face it, there is an underlying fear of change in the air. This year was full of  changes. The face of the planet changed, people changed their minds alot,  forced to change jobs, political parties, churches, husbands, and houses. The rate of change has been too rapid for some; epic and unforgiving as the megastorms which have become such the norm. It’s an element within the process of progress that can’t be avoided. If it is, the very “thing” you believe you’re saving by denying changes, eventually expires. It’s a part of evolution, adaptation for survival.

There’s no logical reason to believe that seeds planted from ideals or solutions from 50-1000 years ago will bear viable fruit here and now. And yes, core values and traditions strengthen the fabric of humanity, but the facilitators that reinterpret them get it twisted and dismember communities like tornadoes. But the evolution has been exasperating. It’s uplifting to see so many around the world become an agent of change and take action. People can’t think straight when they’re starving and denied basic human rights and necessities. They evolved from a supporter of their governments and leaders built on trust, to guerillas or civil revolutionaries. So you witnessed new governments emerge in countries whose constituents have existed in oppressive environments for 10 generations or more. Finally amassing enough strategy and power to take control of their futures and establish a new platform for the future…FREEDOM

So why do so many people believe it’s the end? Is it that we’re about to have a Black man running the most powerful country in the world for four more years? Because you know that scares some people,  even if they don’t ever speak it out loud. Is it the money crisis, global warming, nuclear war, famine, or terrorism? There are just too many scenarios to count.

To ease your mind a bit consider this; the old world may be over. A world of over-indulgence of material things, sex, food, and just personal gratification and selfishness. It’s a good thing that in this new 2012 people who have been living with a foot on their neck their whole life can try to build a new one without that pressure. It’s a new world when leaders that have ruled 20 plus years have fallen at the hands of those they have oppressed. It’s a new day when women all over the world are in major leadership roles and tackling global issues on every government level in the world.

There ‘s a bright future out there. You can’t let the negative static determine your train of thought. The doomdayers and naysayers make more money when there’s panic and unproductive chaos. The good news gets no press, to keep you feeling like there’s no hope out there. We’re evolving as a human race,  which feels like war to those grasping at the last straws of the “old”. As long as you make it a war of the minds, play the game to win with the right strategy, rooted in social justice and spiritual balance  you’ll end up with a productive, peaceful, loving society. Stop stifling the good changes. 2012, this Brave New World may be just what you’ve been waiting  for; the revolution is here and it’s going viral…stay tuned,MUAH aaand scene.

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Stand up for your rights and participate! Finally, the day has come for some political poetic justice. The special election to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is under way. The lifeline of the city is pulsating, throbbing in anticipation of what’s to come. If you voted for him last year, and are suffering from his scamming and other buffoonery, this is your chance to set things straight and take the first steps to get your life in order.

From his time as county executive Scott Walker has done nothing but dismantle the inner workings of Milwaukee County. Instead of actually taking pro-active, productive action, he’s always on some buls… mission to “reveal” something. Well let’s “reveal” a few facts about him. The reason why he dosen’t support education, is because he’s not educated. He does not have a college degree and neither do quite a few people on his payroll. He claims to support small businesses, but who? He does not believe in notifying constituents of changes in a timely manner. For example, he has changed the W2 clock to 24 months and has still not made a mass announcement to the recipients. Come January nobody knows what’s going to happen, not even the FEP workers that get paid to know. His programs don’t work. Not because they can’t, but because the facilitators are incompetent. If he cares about the future of  Wisconsin why refuse statewide wi-fi when job search is all about online research, profiles, and networks. Why reject wi-fi when there’s countless self-employment oppurtunities on the internet. Why not get a team together to explore legitimate online employment oppurtunities for people when traditional jobs are just not out there? Because he dosen’t care. He ‘s part of that “good ole’ boys network”, who’s just NOT with the times.

Scott Walker is racist. He does not understand that purposeful oppression cripples society as a whole. To surpress one group, is to create more social barriers which lead to financial barriers, causing a domino effect. Nobody wins. Now, this new recession is very color blind and poor non-minorities are feeling the weight of his bad decisions right along with the minorities. Where he thought he was keeping people of color oppressed, it backfired and trickled down to his poor white constituents.

The stripping of your collective bargaining rights were just a taste of the Republican wrath to come, it’s time to cut those pinnochio strings. Close your eyes, reach out and join hands with the person that’s going to stand beside you and fight. You may not know what color, or race they may be, but you know right now you’re in the same war. If you’re unemployed and have been looking for a job 6 months or more, recall him. For whatever reason, this Governor has it set up where if you don’t know him, you don’t get a job. So, if you don’t know Scott Walker, and he’s not in your pocket then recall him. If you want a job someday, recall him. If you believe in the future of this country; education, affirmative action, green energy, then recall him…stay tuned,MUAH aaand scene.