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Diary of a Fashion Designer: Marketing

Diary of a Fashion Designer: Marketing

Running a business in the fashion industry is no easy task. Smaller companies with limited staff and limited resources have to make strategic decisions about what can effectively be done in-house and what needs to be outsourced. It’s important to maintain control of product development, distribution, and the supply chain when possible. That leaves you to decide whether to delegate your marketing efforts to an agency or attempt to pursue all the promotions on your own. Based on your situation, there are Pros and Cons to in-house versus agency marketing for small fashion companies.

In House Marketing


  • Absolute control of content- you create and pick images, text, video, color scheme, theme, music, models, outlets, when it goes out, how it goes out, etc.
  • Real time social media management
  • You can plan and execute your strategy using a tool like Buffer– create, schedule and execute social media marketing campaigns
  • Cost effective- create a marketing team within your existing team that knows your brand identity and culture
  • Personal engagement with consumers- engage with the customers making them feel like they’re a part of the brand


  • Time consuming
  • Time is divided- can’t focus on what you do best
  • Can’t keep up the pace- customers have short attention spans, marketing efforts need to be updated or refreshed more frequently as methods and platforms change

Agency Marketing


  • Leave it to the experts- they already have proven processes that get results because that’s all they do
  • Monitored control- you supply the vision and get the final say
  • Leaves time for you to focus on product development, distribution, and the supply chain
  • They have access to tools you don’t have that will make the content better and process more efficient
  • Pays off in sales, customer engagement, and acquisition of new customers


  • Less control
  • Can get expensive
  • Engagement may not be as personal

Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Need Money? Become An Online Sales Associate For TSXDH


3rd_world_shirt-r18e3f4d07f554884b882279b2d217c2a_vjfew_540Everybody could use a little extra cash. If that ‘s a proper description for your current situation becoming an online sales associate may be the answer for you. Don’t let the word “sales” scare” you. There’s no cold calling or corny sales pitches; it’s all about posts and hashtags.

  • set your own schedule and work your own hours
  • promote the products you want to promote
  • earn 15% commission
  • work from anywhere
  • post links from your computer, tablet, or phone

Set Up Your Sales Associate Account in 4 Steps

  1. Go to http://www.zazzle.com/tsxdesignhouse and view the products: choose what you want to sell
  • art
  • organic t-shirts
  • athletic wear

track jackets

yoga pants/leggings

  • purses
  • watches

2. Click on the the three bar icon in the left hand corner of the screen

  • click the word “sell”
  • click the word “associates”
  • click “join as an associate”

3. Create an account and associate ID number

  • example: rf= 1234567

4. Create referral links using your associate ID number

  • example: to create a referral link to the store use-  http://www.zazzle.com/tsxdesignhouserf=(insert your associate ID number here)
  • example: to create a referral link to a specific product add rf=(insert your associate ID number here) to any product link to receive commission on a sale

Marketing: How To Promote in 8 Steps

  1. Create a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Pinterest if you don’t already have one and build a network. If you use other social media platforms you can use those too.
  2. Post hashtags with your links:
  • examples: #customized #limitedEdition # Customization #OneOfAkind #shop #buy #organic #TSXDesignHouse #UrbanCoutureLife #EbonyAdell #MadeInAmerica #fashion #Art #purses #watches #messengerbags #tshirt #luxuryapparel #luxurybrand #leggings #yoga #yogapants #athleticwear #tantra #chakras #jacket #sports
  • any words that describe the products: colors, size, materials, texture, season, price, print etc.

3. Use your email list to send customized personalized promotions to friends, family, and colleagues

4. Go to http://www.Buffer.com and create an account then go to http://www.CoPromote.com and create an account

  • schedule your posts on Buffer.com
  • track your progress to figure out what products each network or customers respond to and what’s making you money
  • choose the product that’s performing the best and post it on Copromote to get a long term boost for a month on other networks

5. Post additional boosts during yur downtime from your phone

6. Set goals

  • Post 3-6 times a day
  • create sales goals
  • think quality not quantity

7. Rotate products until you figure out your sales strengths and what best serves your market

8.. Find a price point that works for you and post by price

  • rotate products by price
  • most expensive to least expensive then try least expensive to most expensive
  • rotate products by category

Have fun with it. Constantly expand your network and sales base to make you the most money. Good Luck and Happy Selling!

WIN_20150219_123215 (6)TSX Design House: Transcend The Trends, Beyond New Style Where Fashion Is Art In 3d

Diary Of A Fashion Designer: WWDMagic Seminar Series-Fashion Tales: Creating a Compelling Product and Taking It To Market


S/o to #BlaineVossler of #TheLocalBranch …#MadeInAmerica #awesome #MagicReady #fashion #urbancouturelife

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  Me and Blaine Vossler @ WWDMagic 2015

nab-1.jpgMAGIC seminar series is a series of professional education seminars and panels where you, the buyer/retailer/designer/whoever you are in your supply chain, can go and get “schooled” on the latest trends and practices in the industry. The question that seemed to be on everybody’s mind that I talked to was, “How do I get money/investors to start my line or launch my brand?” Now, the four days I’m in Vegas for the show I always learn a lot. But a few key pieces of information always impact me more than others. This time around, one of the most important pieces of advice I picked up was to learn to tell my story.

What’s Your Story?

Every brand has a story, do you know how to tell yours ? Well that’s the thing, you think you know how, but ask yourself if you’re effectively telling your story to get the results you want. If investors aren’t breaking down the door to give you money then the answer is no! Barbara Ende hosted a seminar and panel entitled “Fashion Tales: Creating A Compelling Product and Taking It to Market” with guest speakers Sherry West founder of Daisy & Blue, Blaine Vossler co-founder of The Local Branch, and Jay Halistein co-founder of Brass Clothing. All three successfully have launched new brands; young companies with strong stories.

Telling your story is where it all begins, If you can’t verbally, visually, and emphatically express the personality, foundation, and history of your brand you’re screwed no matter how great your product may be. So how do you tell your story and get the money to make something happen?

1. Know the difference between storytelling and storymaking

Storytelling is just the repeating, improvisation, embellishment, or sharing of a story. You tell somebody your story, they listen and possibly repeat whatever you said to somebody else. Story making is when you create a story that the consumer wants to engage in and become a part of. They want to finish the story and make their own story based on the customer experience.

2. Crowdfunding

Use crowdfunding to raise money. Retailers speak to customers through floor displays, ads, and commercials; attempting to make an emotional connection. Written content, video, pictures, and whatever other creative elements all support the cause and assist in

Blaine Vossler shared that his company spent a full year creating their KICKSTARTER campaign before they attempted to raise money online. His story was a part of that campaign and I can attest to how compelling it was. Told through film/video, it was the story of how the brandGO F started, inspirations behind their products and reflected their pride of being Made In America.

Sherry West of Daisy&Blu chose animation as the media to tell her story. Intertwined with strategic placement. Of trademark characters and two staple products. As a mother, her story made me want to buy that soft, song soothing blanket to wrap my baby in and put him to sleep. The imagery appeals to the consumer across language barriers by using universal imagery, and draws them in.


3. Choose your platform carefully

All platform are created equal in the sense that you create an account, profile, launch a campaign, and try to raise the money. But you can’t just copy and paste your Facebook “About Me” section into the information section of your fundraising site.

3 well known crowdfunding sites with proven success rates are:

KICKSTARTER is the number one crowdfunding platform. However if you do not reach you full fundraising goal you forfeit the money back to the donors.

GOFUNDME and INDIEGOGO are similar Kickstarter but you get to keep all the donations you receive


4. Don’t be afraid to tell it all

You can’t be afraid to tell your whole story, no holds barred. Investors, customers, donors all want to know if you really have that drive, can you really deliver, where are you’re coming from, what brought you here, how you were inspired, and why they should trust you.

What’s My Story?

Ever since the seminar, I have been thinking so hard about how to tell my own story. The truth is that I ve been hesitant to really, truly open up about why and how I got to where I am today. I didn’t want to be judged, only respected for my work. But that’s not how it goes. My customer transcends trends, and loves a story when the Phoenix rises from the ashes. To commit to my brand they want to know the authentic, compelling reasons why TSX Design House deserves to be considered a luxury brand they should be loyal to. Why did I really choose the name TSX Design House? Why a focus on Tantric Sex, why chakras, why color?

To begin, TSX stands for Tantric Sex. I use the term “design house” because I’m not a certified “atelier”. chose that name because number one, as an adult entertainer selling the fantasy of sex and sensuality, I was looking for something deeper in my personal sexual relationships. After some research I decided to begin to practice and then eventually teach Tantric Sex practices. I discovered while learning the basics that clothes were considered a part of your body adornment, they reflect your aura and chakras, and body adornment is how you attract and entice your mate. In addition, the way you dress affects how people receive you………… to learn more about my story Stay Tuned for my KICKSTARTER campaign coming soon…MUAH aaaaaand scene

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TSX Design House Commercial




Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Doing Business in Dubai


10363615_10152624444215819_4348159745429295326_n  Every professional is now operating in a full service global market place. The possibilities offered by the internet have expanded the landscape of business and entrepreneurship in all corners of the world. Markets you never imagined you’d have an opportunity to touch are now just a click away.

Although Europe currently has a stronghold on the luxury market, e-commerce increases the possibility for entry. Brazil, China, Japan, and The United Arab Emirates have concentrated areas of spending on luxury products. The UAE in particular has a higher than average concentration of wealth within the region, which makes it a prime candidate for expansion. A major obstacle, is that you have to basically license your product to a business or distributor in Dubai, because it’s against regulation to set up shop, and sell directly within the country.

Thanks to increased web usage and smart phones, e-commerce is exploding in the Middle East especially in an economic powerhouse like Dubai. As online shopping gains popularity in the region customers get more familiar with the process and begin to regulate their online purchase behaviors. Finding the products they love, and just have to have, is how the online customer operates. Whether it’s the convenience of front door service, free shipping, or special patterns and colors; it’s your job as the proprietor to fill the need of the customer, create an aspirational shopping experience, high quality product, and bring some value to their life. Nurturing and mastering an international, multi-cultural market is a must if you want your brand to survive and have longevity, because online shopping growth is projected to increase 95% by 2018.

In the UAE you face many challenges on a day to day basis. Aside from producing and distributing the best product possible; your greatest concern is how to collect your money at the time of sale. In the past online payment options were almost non-existent where cash on delivery is the norm. Fortunately, there are a few four online payment options you can trust to process transactions that are safe and efficient.


  1. go to the bank and set up a merchant account if you don’t have one already.
  1. Depending on your products they may charge a security deposit to open an account. Electronics items they may have a security deposit of AED 150,000 plus setup and annual fees. Each transaction they will cost 3.4% in fees too. The rates vary bank to bank. 


  1. Paypal doesn’t require a set-up fee or deposit, and it already has over 1 million active users in the Middle East.
  1. They charge 2.7-3.4% plus 0.30 USD. However you can’t transfer the money directly to your bank account in the UAE, you have to transfer it to a loadable debit card. Which are readily available in the region.


  1. Innovate has built long-term relationships with US, European and Middle Eastern banks. They accept payments in common Middle Eastern and international currencies..
  1. Their transaction fees are 3.5%, set up fees $1000 USD, annual fee of $492 USD, and a security deposit of $10,000 USD.


  1. Cashu has a head office in Dubai, an office “in house” ensures you can get your funds transferred to any local bank in the region.
  1. The transaction fees range from 2.9-3.3% + 2 AED, set up fees $100 USD, annual fee is $1-$3K USD, with a security deposit of $10,000 USD depending on number of products and volume.

As demand for online goods increases, consumers need to be reassured they can trust your brand. Your security seal (secured SSL) should be verified and in clear view. Create a shopping experience that’s simple, flexible, secure, and fast.

Transcend the Trends: Beyond new Style, Where Fashion is Art in 3d

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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Strictly Business, The #BlueOceanStrategy


Anything's possible in America...

Ive been getting alot of questions from my readers  asking “How will TSXDH compete with big name brands?” “How will you make money?” Well people, it takes some intense planning to establish any business. However, luxury branding success totally depends on which strategy you employ, and this is how I plan to break into the business

FACT: The total sales reported in the United States retail industry in 2012 exceeded 2.5trillion dollars and supported over 42 million jobs

FACT: In 2013, luxury retail sales exceeded 318 billion dollars worldwide.

Why would a company choose to establish a luxury brand?

Some people think I’m crazy for founding a luxury brand, to them it’s committing fiscal suicide. They think I’m setting myself up for failure. But in reality, luxury segmentation maximizes opportunity for expansion and profits in an uncertain economic climate by focusing on customers in a mid to high income bracket that find value in branding. Over
the next 5 years, spending has the potential to increase by 35%(www.BOF.com).
Consumer habits, social considerations, trends, and market size are important
environmental factors that contribute to a steadily expanding consumer base.

TSX Design House has implemented a blue ocean strategy. Because it’s a company that specializes in customization and “limited” collections, value innovation gives us the upper hand. This allows for a window of opportunity to stay ahead of imitators.  Competition is irrelevant because we expand industry boundaries by creating a demand for the value we provide and taking advantage of uncontested market space. We’ll thrive in a marketplace of our own making.

Why Do Customers Choose Luxury Goods?

Luxury goods leaders provide a premium shopping experience,
and high quality. This is how they survive recessions and economic downturns.
Competitive Analysis
The United States is the number one buyer of luxury goods with China close behind
in the number 2 slot (www.BOF.com) Driven by emerging markets and a trend of
“ affordable luxury” the market saw a 3% retail gain in 2013. Micheal Kors, COACH, and
Ralph Lauren are the American industry leaders; with Ralph Lauren reporting an
average 4.04 billion dollars in 2013 sales.

Ralph Lauren has maintained a steadfast position in the fashion industry by adhering to it’s design
philosophy and aesthetic focusing on classic lines/styles/silhouettes. This allows
them to survive trend cycles, and even increase their profit margin yearly. They have
global brand recognition and visibility, with a wide and expanding customer base.
These brands will only grow bigger as they expand into new luxury markets, like
Asia-Pacific and Africa.
TSX Design House is a high end American fashion brand positioning itself for
entry into the luxury goods market. The company is a custom design firm that creates
and sells custom made, limited edition, and Ready-T0-Wear high end fashion and art. We currently have one brick and mortar store in the midwest, and two online stores(http://www.
zazzle.com/tsxdesignhouse and http://www.Etsy.com/Shop/TSXDesignHouse). Our
current position in the market is good, but not ideal for entry. Lack of cashflow, is the
biggest obstacle we face at this time. 2012-2014 saw a profit of approximately
$30,000 after $12,000 in costs. However, as demand increases, costs will go up, while
profits may decrease or plateau. The company has yet to implement a strategy to
meet those challenges. Although we have established an industry presence,
brand recognition and visibility is limited.
Strategic Analysis: TSX Design House
The recommendation for TSX Design House is as follows:
To address the issue of lack of cashflow the company can solicit outside funding
from investors, or apply for business loans. They can also create additional cashflow
with minimum spending by taking advantage of their online opportunities, and using
that platform to test their branding strategy resulting in measurable results.

Since the luxury market is not saturated, the company will continue to pursue a blue ocean
strategy for entry into that market. To better position ourselves for entry we will
focus current marketing and sales efforts in the oniine zazzle store. Luxury shoppers
are motivated to purchase by brand loyalty. We have launched an aggressive targeted marketing
campaign via social media, radio, internet radio, e-mail marketing, print media, and direct mail.
It’s the most cost effective way to build brand loyalty, until we increase our marketing budget. Once the relationship is established customers will buy other products under the brand umbrella they trust.

When TSXDH gets a firm foot in the luxury market they can defend their position by offering
limited collections within the staple brand and co-brands. We’ve Implemented a balance
of a horizontal integration and differentiation strategy, and the brand is a prime candidate for repositioning at anytime. A strong product development foundation combined with a value based design philosophy is a major strength for the company. This can be used to our advantage while growing existing brands and clothing lines; while creating

Within five years expansion of brick and mortar locations in New York, Atlanta, Alaska,
California, Miami, Asia-Pacific, Brazil, and Africa will be possible as luxury goods
spending increases. To meet the needs of the customers, we will also expand the online business by offering online consultations via skype, virtual fittings, body scanning technology, partnerships with local tailors and in other geographic areas. There will also be an increase in in-house staff. Within the first year TSX Design House has the potential to penetrate and raise
awareness in 60% of the targeted consumer market and achieve a profit margin
of 50%.

Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Social Media Strategy-The Power Of YouTube


zazzleposter1self love copy    Video marketing is the next level of advertising in an era where communication has become more visual, and less verbal. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. all have a platform that allows you to upgrade posts and pictures into full scale mini-commercials. People may not recall details about your brand they’ve read in a magazine, but they’ll remember the themes and scenes from  a video. It’s all about what you do in those first ten seconds the viewer is watching.

There’s an art to film. Cinematography, music, and acting ability play an integral part in video advertising. You have to grab the viewers attention and keep them engaged with your content. Entertain them, inform them with your message, and initiate a call to action. Video ad marketing isn’t just a hot marketing trend, some of the biggest brands in the world are taking the lead.

1. Samsung

Founded over 70 years ago, Samsung has a proven track record of product excellence and innovation in electronics. Rated as one of the top 10 global brands in the world, their mantra is, “Inspire the World, Create the Future.”  “Galaxy 11 The Training” is the introduction to a 3 part series of video marketing ads that introduce new products and apps. It tells the story of how Samsung products will be used to help shape the future and demonstrates all the new technologies they’ve pioneered.


  • Entertain
  • Give your products a life with an extended storyline. This builds loyalty with the customer, enticing them to come back for more. Create content that makes them want to know what happens next.
  • Tap into current global events and trends like FIFA World Cup.
  • Give it a happy ending
  • Feature the benefits of your product or service.

2. Nike

Established in 1950, Nike has grown from just footwear for athletes to shoes, clothes, equipment, and accessories for everyone. Their mantra is “Commitment to Innovation.” They’ve pioneered “shoe shox,” and the “retail theater” experience.” One of their newest campaigns “Risk Everything is set up like a preview for a movie. The movie they want you to see is the 2014 FIFA World Cup. They show how far these world famous soccer athletes have come, and where they are going; leaving their home countries for the games. This ad has built up the anticipation for their official jerseys and shoes from World Cup.


  • Build anticipation
  • Keep it short if you can, people have short attention spans
  • Demonstrate to people how they can participate in your brand
  • Nike shows how their products can make better athletes, demonstrate the benefits of your product to the customer
  • Tell a story the customer can relate to
  • Entertain

3. Adidas

Adidas has been around over 100 years. They started out as a company that was on a mission to provide the best athletic equipment to athletes. Today they’re one of the top athletics companies in the world. “The Battle Pack” is their video ad for a series of shoes inspired by FIFA World Cup. This ad uses art, sculpture and history to portray the idea that their shoes are like timeless works of art. It captures a moment when a battle’s is being won.


  • Make a connection between your content/product and the viewer’s values
  • Demonstrate what difference your product makes in the viewer’s lives
  • Don’t use actors, get creative

4. Dove

Dove revolutionized skin care for women in 1957. Starting with the beauty bar, they’ve expanded they’re product line to hair care and other products.The “Real Beauty” ad campaign appeals to women and men(there is a men’s version). It’s a simple testimonial/interview/documentary style video that focuses on natural beauty. Dove plays with the idea their products will enhance the natural beauty of the  viewer.


  • Use customer testimonials
  • Appeal to people’s empathy
  • Create a story line that can be carried into the next ad

5. Google

Google was launched in 1995, and it is the #1 search engine in the world. The name “Google” is a numerical term the founders chose to represent their mission to provide the web with an infinite amount of information.  They have been acquiring companies like YouTube and Picasa to extend their reach. Their innovation is unfiltered and uncontested. Google Play: “Play Your Heart Out” is a 30 second video ad that launches their new logo. This strategy is rooted in simplicity. Everything’s centered, fast, but very clear. Each flash of the logo contains a clip of what’s available on Google Play; music, movies, books and games.


  • K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. You can keep your ad simple as long as it gets to the point
  • provide clear images your audience can relate to and are familiar with
  • demonstrate the benefits of your product or service
  • show examples
  • Try not to offend customers in “potential” markets

Stay true to your brand messaging and values across all media channels. It’s ok to think outside the box but don’t create content that people can’t connect to the brand. Entertain, inspire, engage, and inform the masses like no typical ad can with a solid video marketing strategy.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene…

TSX Design House “Beyond New Style, Where fashion is Art In 3d”

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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: 5 Tips To Maximize Your Social Media Networks


06show Whether you’re a small business, or a Fortune 500 company, social media has exploded the pool of potential customers for every business. The possibilities are endless. You now have the power to reach out and touch any market, anywhere in the world.

The secret to a successful social media marketing strategy is effectively tapping into your networks, and utilizing all your sharing tools. Here are 5 Tips To Maximize Your Social Media Network.

1. Monitor and measure your key performance indicators(KPI)

Analytics measure your brand performance online partially based on your activity, engagement, and return on investment(ROI). You can identify your audience and their preferences. Your # of Likes, # of Follows, # of Followers, viewers, subscribers, mentions, retweets, and shares. If you keep track of the results weekly, or even daily, you can tweak the time, platform, and even subject of your content to generate more activity.

2. Encourage your friends/followers to engage with you

The beauty of these social media platforms is they allow you to build personal relationships with customers in far away places. Encourage your fans/friends/followers to “Like” your posts, leave comments, share your content, and start discussions. Join groups, respond to people’s comments, “Like” their posts and updates;and share fresh, valuable information with them.

3. Break your groups and circles down into specific customer segments

Break customers down by demographics, psycho-graphics, purchase history, browse history, etc. Create specific promotions,  posts and updates for the different groups.

4. Create a contest

People love free stuff. Offer a prize for the follower that gets you the most mentions/shares/likes in 30 days.

5. Add video

The attention span of the average person is pretty short. especially with pop-up ads and full on commercials online to distract them. Aside from stunning visual media in the form of pictures, you need to add video to your updates. Keep it short, get to the point, and include a call to action. Blurbs, mini-commercials, interviews etc. all make for great video content.

A person doesn’t have to spend a dollar in order to become valuable to a business. You want to create an experience that customers want to share with their friends and family. Also, if you know somebody with a start-up, home-based business, or any kind of business at all; don’t be a hater, click the “Like” button. Stay tuned…MUAH aaand scene.

TSX Design House “Beyond New Style, Where Fashion Is Art In 3d”

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