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Diary of a Fashion Designer: 2017 and Beyond


Hello World! It’s been a longtime since we dished so this is just an intro to a series of 3 posts that will catch you up on what’s been going on in my world, and what to look forward to in the near future; like more video posts. 2016 has been the longest year EVER. So many twists and turns have made it memorable and full of so many lessons, not only in my journey to establish my brand, but also in my personal life.

In a nutshell, I gave birth to another baby girl, I’m still single, I had an extremely successful fashion show, launched new products: one of a kind leather handbags, sustainable active and swimwear, opened an additional online storefront, launched an unsuccessful KICKSTARTER campaign, gained some new writing clients, and much more.

I’m excited for the new year and what I have planned. People always claim, “This year is the year  for me, I’ll be successful, my careers going to take off, I’ll find love etc. etc.” But you know what, this time instead of making some vague claim about what’s going to occur, or how things are going to be, I’m going to focus on the steps I’ll be taking to get those results. 2017 will be all about action and what I;m going to call “proactivity.” At this point, I know what has not been working for me, and I’ve tallied all the casualties of my failures and put them to rest. However, I’m working hard to move on and NOT repeat the same mistakes. R.I.P to my past, and hello to my future…

Stay Tuned…….MUAH aaaaaaaaaand scene




Diary Of A Fashion Designer: Social Media Strategy: Utilizing Google+


Anything's possible in America...

The world’s number one search engine is offering your business the opportunity to be listed in the largest online business directory, completely free of charge. This isn’t the same as your other social media accounts. Google+Local is a social media platform designed specifically to give your website a higher rank in the search engine, on a first page listing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all have their perks, but here’s how you can use Google+Local to grow your business and increase your brand visibility..

How It Works


Like every social media platform you have to build an extensive and complete profile to reap the benefits. Create a thorough description of your business that includes the following: explanation of product or service

  •  taglines
  • location
  • phone numbers
  • hours
  • additional links(website, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Your page should also contain rich visual content. Add photos of the business space, products, employees, logos, cover photos, YouTube videos and any other additional company media. Provide the customer with all the information they need to make an informed buying decision, and drive traffic to your website/company.


Instead of friends, followers, or fans; G+Local has “circles”. Group your contacts into targeted customer segments and create updates for each circle. When someone in your circle does a search that is related to your business or keywords, you appear closer to the top of the search results page. On the other hand, if a person that’s not in your circle does the same search, you end up at the bottom of the page but still in their results. Increase your reach and expand your network by inviting all your contacts from other sites to join your circles. As an incentive to engage with you and build customer loyalty, offer discounts and specials only available to those customers.


Create targeted, keyword specific content daily to keep your customers engaged; interact with them on a regular basis.The updates section is where you address concerns, reply directly to people in your circles, and respond to reviews. Of course, you also post updates about sales, products, trends in your industry, blog posts, business related hash tags, and company milestones. Keeping this section current can be a challenge, so you should consider establishing an account with a service like Buffer or Hootsuite. This allows you to plan and pre-schedule your updates.

Additional Tips

  • When you register, you have to claim your page and allow Google to verify it. Once the verification process is complete your business will appear on Google Maps, allowing the customer to see exactly where it is, in real time.
  • Use Google AdWords or consult a SEO checklist for keywords.
  • Include reverse links from your other sites back to your G+Local page.
  • Check all the content for grammer and make sure all the information listed is current and correct.
  • Sync your Google+Local page with your Google Places page, and any other business related pages you have on the internet.
  • Make sure all the information across all your media channels is clear, concise, and consistent with your brand messaging.
  • Track your progress using Google analytics.
  • If you can afford it, hire a social media manager.

Local searches account for 20% of all web based search, and 40% of those inquiries occur on a mobile device. That’s a clear sign that you can’t ignore your local patrons and survive. Gone are the days you could reel in sales face to face with your customers. Your web presence may be the only contact you have with them before they make a purchase. Make a lasting impression with Google+Local and gain increased brand visibility, increase sales, and raise your search engine ranking.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene…….

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Diary Of A Fashion Designer: 5 Tips for Social Media for Small Business


jZAZZLE2  TSX Design House “Beyond New Style, Where Fashion Is Art In 3D”

Marketing is the bread and butter of all businesses. Some traditional strategies require invasive practices and solicitation of strangers in the hopes they decide to become a new customer. Internet marketing is a more customer centric(versus seller centric) method to reach new and existing customers. It transforms local companies into global enterprises with the click of a button.

The world wide web leverages the playing field for small companies by exposing them to a larger audience and potential customer base. Social media marketing for small business is a cost effective strategy to attract customers through your content and build relationships with them no matter where they might be located. Here are 5 key tips for using social media for your business.

1. Create a Social Media Campaign and Content Strategy

This isn’t your own personal account on Facebook. Social media marketing for small business isn’t just randomly posting links and ads. These campaigns are time consuming. Know why you’re setting up these profiles and pages, who the targeted customer is, and what you expect in return for all this time and effort. Take the time to create a calendar for your promotions. Put a time limit on each campaign and focus your content around a targeted audience. Social media platforms allow you to do targeted searches for customers so those you invite to “follow”, “fan”, “like”, or “join” will have interests relative to your product or service.

2. Create Content That’s Valuable To Your Customer

Your content has to engage the customer. There might be 100 posts per day in their feed, so you have to make sure your content leads to products, services, or information that you offer, and that is filling some type of need that the customer has. Stay abreast of the trends in your industry as well as what’s trending online.  Add keywords to help keep your search engine ranking high, and to keep you linked into whatever’s going on in the twitter sphere(or whatever platform you use). Don’t forget to include a clear call to action, list contact information; and utilize , hashtags, hyperlinks, and links back to your home websites/profiles.

3. Monitor and Engage with the Audience

Monitor your platforms and engage with the customers. If you see that customers A and B always comment on your forums because they’ve been spending money with you for years, then make sure you engage with those people. This adds that personal touch that sometimes get  you do business online. You also want to engage to maintain a rapport with customers/fans, and to help build your brand loyalty.

4. Maintain a Consistent Voice for Your Brand Across all Platforms

Your brand messaging has certain voice. It’s pertinent to the success of your social media campaign that you maintain that voice consistently across all platforms. A customer that may be familiar with your company via traditional promotional materials, or even at a brick and mortar location will be the first to notice if you deviate from your brand messaging. That’s a turnoff to a loyal customer, and it may confuse a new customer. You want people to recognize your mantra and style no matter where they are, and no matter where you are.

5. Use Platforms to Promote Exclusive Offers

Consumers love free stuff! Social media marketing for small business is the ideal opportunity for you to promote valuable offers, trial offers, advice, or free products and services. Create targeted content around holidays, special occasions, and important dates within your company(day it was founded etc.).Your website numbers will jump from 1-100 so fast your head will spin. New customers are likely to join in for the hopes you’ll have offers in the future. This will expand your customer base and help to build some brand loyalty.

Most platforms offer pre-post scheduling in one form or another. Take the time to research which ones work for you and pre schedule your posts accordingly. If you launch an effective, aggressive campaign, social media marketing for small business can help you achieve a more plentiful bottom line; higher profits.

Stay tuned, MUAH aaand scene………

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